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According to "The Association for Dresses and Sauces," commercially available mayonnaise can be left out of the refrigerator for a long time and still be safe. Apparently, the eggs used in commercial mayo are pasteurized, killing bacteria like Salmonella. Also, they say, commercial mayo is sufficiently acidic to be unfavorable to bacteria that may be introduced after opening the jar. I always assumed that Salmonella was the prime problem, but if you think about it, mayo sits on store shelves unrefrigerated for a long time, and there's no reason Salmonella couldn't grow then. TADS also says the reason refrigeration is recommended by the mayo jar is to preserve fresh taste.

2008-04-16 01:42:41
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How long will unopened mayonnaise keep unrefrigerated?

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Does grenadine need to be refrigerated after opening?

No, but keep the lid on it

Should unrefrigerated opened mayonnaise be thrown away?

YES. Right away, it can become very YUCKY!!! (It can also make you sick). If it goes moldy, smells funny, or separates. All mayonnaise is is oil and eggs, and because eggs go bad when not refrigerated, this will probably happen within a few hours. Never keep mayonnaise if it's been unrefrigerated all night, even if it appears fine. However, if you jsut left it out from lunch until dinner, you should be fine.</P>

How long can you keep cooked lobster unrefrigerated?

Unrefridgerated no more than a few hours. Refrigerated up to two days.

How long can you keep peanut butter if unrefrigerated?

Peanut butter has a natural preservative in it. It does not need to be refrigerated. It will keep for months out of the refrigerator. How about "natural" peanut butter? I read that there is a cancer-causing mold in peanut butter, and if left un-refrigerated, can grow?

Will cheescake go bad if left unrefrigerated?

It depends on how long the cheesecake was left out. It's best to keep any leftover pie refrigerated.

Can an opened bottle of red wine be kept unrefrigerated?

An opened bottle of red wine does not keep real well when it is refrigerated. It spoils (tartrates) very rapidly if it's opened and unrefrigerated - usually within 24 hours.

Marsala wine need to be refrigerated after opening?

No you can keep it outside but close it very well.

How long can you keep a closed jar of mayonnaise out of the fridge?

I wouldn't keep it out for more than 15-20 minutes after opening it myself. If it's never been opened then the shelf life is usually 4-6 weeks after the sell by date on the jar. Refrigerated it lasts longer.

How do you preserve mayonnaise based salad dressing?

The best way to preserve it is always keep it refrigerated. this will give you the longest life out of your dressing however keep a close eye on it because a mayonnaise based dressing usually does not have a long shelf life.

How long can cooked collard greens sit out unrefrigerated if they were not cooked with meat?

After 2 hours of being removed from the heat, they should be refrigerated if you want to keep them to eat later.

Do soybean paste need to be refrigerated after opening?

I would suggest you refrigerate the opened container. If it was in the refrigerated section when you bought it, keep it refrigerated. If it was not in the refrigerated section, check the label for instructions like "refrigerate after opening". Absent those instructions, refrigeration would probably help protect flavor even if food safety might not be an issue.

Is a canned ham from the pantry that reads keep refrigerated safe to eat?

It depends on whether it needs to be refridgerated before opening the ham or only after opening the ham.

Can you substitute mayonnaise for miracle whip?

Yes. The main difference between Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip is that Miracle Whip has vinegar and spices which aren't present in mayonnaise. You may need to add some additional spice and acid to make up for the difference. Just remember to keep whatever it is refrigerated.

Do you need to refrigerate factory-made pesto sauce BEFORE opening its glass jar?

No - unless the label states "keep refrigerated" which should mean that it was in the refrigerated case when you purchased it.

Can you keep toned milk unrefrigerated?


How long can Mayonnaise packets be at room temperature?

Packets of mayonnaise are generally designed to be kept at room temperature, unless the label reads "keep refrigerated". The shelf life of the packets is only a couple months. Refrigeration may help extend the shelf life.

Do marshmallows need to be refrigerated after opening the bag?

Not if you intend to eat it straight away. If you plan to store them, keep them in an air-tight container.

Can you keep a dead animal unrefrigerated for long?


Can vodka with vanilla beans be kept unrefrigerated?

Absolutely! Spirits dont need to be refrigerated although some with cream in them (eg Baileys Irish Cream) will keep longer in the fridge if its not going to be finished in a couple months.

Do lemons and limes have to be refrigerated?

They don't have to be refrigerated, but they will keep longer if they are.

How long will apples keep unrefrigerated?

7 years

How long can unrefrigerated cream cheese keep?


How long will feta cheese keep unrefrigerated?

About a day

How long can you keep cooked food outside at room temperature?

A reasonable rule of thumb is to not exceed two hours unrefrigerated. At that point, it should be reheated or refrigerated. If the ambient temperature is quite warm, then reduce that to 1 hour.