How long will mayonnaise keep unrefrigerated after opening and is it true that mayo does not have to be refrigerated?

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2008-04-16 01:42:41

According to "The Association for Dresses and Sauces,"

commercially available mayonnaise can be left out of the

refrigerator for a long time and still be safe. Apparently, the

eggs used in commercial mayo are pasteurized, killing bacteria like

Salmonella. Also, they say, commercial mayo is sufficiently acidic

to be unfavorable to bacteria that may be introduced after opening

the jar. I always assumed that Salmonella was the prime problem,

but if you think about it, mayo sits on store shelves

unrefrigerated for a long time, and there's no reason Salmonella

couldn't grow then. TADS also says the reason refrigeration is

recommended by the mayo jar is to preserve fresh taste.

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