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How long will the WWE last?

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How long does a WWE contract last?

It depends on how bad the WWE wants the superstars

How long does WWE universe last in svr 2011?

It never ends.

Is WWE 13 the last WWE game?

It was not the last WWE video game, however, it was the last WWE game that was produced by the company THQ. 2K bought THQ and now produces the games.

What is wwe crystal's last name?

WWE diva crystal's last name is Marshall.

How long does being a WWE superstar last?

being a wwe superstar lasts until you either have a severe injury and cant wrestle anymore or if you dont want to wrestle anymore

How long can WWE divas stay in WWE?

They stay in the WWE for every how long their contract is for. And about a year before the contract is up they start negoations for a new oneFor how long their contract is for. Like Kelly Kelly was in WWE last year which was 2008 and she is still in it now which is 2009. So they kind of keep a contract and before a year is over they start negoations for a new one so they can go on.

What brands does WWE have?

WWE now consists of NXT "the next generation superstars". they also have "Raw" and "Smackdown" with all "crossband paperviews". the last is the hour long series called "superstars".

Who is the next wwe champ?

Current WWE Champion: Randy Orton Last WWE Champion: Triple HHH

What was the last WWE ppv?

No Way Out

How long did Cena hold WWE title?

Last Year He Held It For 360 Days Straight Before He Got Injured

Has sting joined WWE?

Yes, Sting joined the WWE last year in 2014.

Is the boogeyman from the wwe really dead?

No, the WWE just cancelled his contract last year.

Whats WWE maria's last name?

Her last name is Kanellis

How long Melina has been in the WWE?

Melina joined the WWE in 2002

Who was the last wwe crusierweigh champion?


What is eve last name WWE?


Who is last rank in WWE?

Zack ryder

Who was the last WWE Cruserweight champion?


What is Kane from the WWE last bname is?


What is WWE Edge's last name?

WWE Superstar Edge's real name is Adam Copeland

Who won the WWE tag team championship at WWE payback last night?

Barack Obama

Michelle McCool last name WWE diva?

Her last name is McCool

Will Tyson tomko come back to WWE?

Last time he was hired, he lied to the WWE about his injury (said he was not injured when he was) and when WWE found out they fired him. Not long after Tomko was arrested for doing drugs and we all know WWE's policy about the drugs. It's not likely he'll come back.

What was the reason behind Brock Lesnar's quitting WWE?

He left after WrestleMania 20 to pursue a career in the NFL, which didn't last too long.

How long does a WWE house show last?

Raw = 2 hours 5 minutes, Smackdown = 2 hours, and ECW = 1 hour.