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Q: How long would it have taken for a ship to travel from England to Mexico in Edwardian times?
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What influence did Edwardian Society play on the novel A Room with a View?

E.M. Forester's 'A Room With A View' depicts the rigid social mores, and repressed sexuality of the Edwardian period in England, especially in terms of women. The books follows the growth of a young girl, who by the end of the narrative, has taken steps to move ahead with life she wants, without acquiescing to societal demands.

How long is it from India to England by boat?

To travel from India to England by ship takes about 22 days if traveling around the continent of Africa. It the Suez Canal is taken, that can take about 10 to 12 days off the trip.

What is the best way to travel from Rosslare Ireland to Salisbury England?

The best way to travel is by air. The time taken to travel by air is 4 hoursÊ45 minutes. The prices for flight range between $130 to $150.ÊBy road is 8 hours 25 minutes.

How might the world be different if the spanish armada had won?

the Americas would be different, at the time of the planned invasion both Spain and England were occupying some part of the "new world". Spain had Mexico and England had some of the US. Had the Spanish won they probably would have taken over the British plans for the new world and ruled both Mexico and the US.

Where can I find the best prices on travel Mexico?

Believe it or not, I've found some of the best prices for travel to Mexico through my favorite airline. I get notified by email when they're running a special and I've taken advantage of that. If you have a favorite airline, see if they have a program like that. It's great if you're flexible. Another idea is to actually contact Aero Mexico and see if they have any deals coming up. I had a friend who did that for a vacation in Cancun and he saved a bundle.

Was Arizona taken from Mexico?


Was the road taken easy to travel?

Acoording to philosphers the road taken was not easy to travel because of the decision making of the poet. In the poem the poet finds it difficult to choose which road to travel.

Was the ''road'' frost had taken easy ''to travel''?

no the road was not easy to travel.

What does New Mexico mean in English?

Nuevo Mexico. It is taken from the 'old Mexico' name. See related questions.

Territories expected to be taken by Mexico if the us enters ww1?

Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Can bb guns be taken to Mexico in cargo?

They would have to be cleared by custom agents in Mexico, but yes.

How did Mexico react when the US annexed Texas?

Mexico thought that the U.S had taken Mexican land since Mexico had not recognized Texas' independence.

Where was it taken place?

new england

Where was the 2010 Easter pic on taken?


What countries were slaves taken to?

they were taken to ENGLAND MAARNN WICKED !! PEACE YA'LL!X ;)

What two measurements would you use to calculate the speed of an object?

Distance traveled and time taken to travel the distance

How do you spell that sucks i should have taken you with me to Mexico in spanish?

Eso apesta, debi haberte llevado conmigo a Mexico.

Can you go to Mexico with a U-Haul car tow?

U-Haul does not permit their trucks to be taken into Mexico, so no.

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Through the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) most of New Mexico was taken from Mexico. Later, during the Gadsden Purchase (1853) Mexico sold the southern part of New Mexico.

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Squanto (also known as Tisquantum) was first taken to England in 1605. George Wyemouth took Squanto and four others (Manida, Skidwarres, Nahanada and Assacumet) to England as proof of his work in North America.

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Into the lungs.

Where does air travel after it is taken into the mouth?

into the lungs

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America and England from Africa

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In England, where they were taken to Hamburg

Location where jews were taken as prisoners?

England. They were also hated in Venice, but they were not taken as prisoners. (I think)