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Q: How long would it take a tooth to dissolve in a glass of Coke?
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Would a tooth dissolve in coke?

yes it was proved it would but a tooth will also dissolve in fruit juice too or just about anything.

What happen a tooth in a glass of vinegar?

It goes very very manky, although it does not dissolve completely. You can look on youtube and see Brainiac put a tooth in a glass of coke. The result is similar.

How long does it take for a tooth to dissolve in Coke?

I heard that if you leave it in for a few weeks it will dissolve.

What happens if you leave a tooth in a glass of coke?

It won't dissolve. We know this is untrue, and we also know the person who said this. I won't tell you who it was. They even did it on Brainiac.

How long does it take a half tooth to dissolve in coke?

6 Hours

If you put a tooth in a cup of Coke overnight will it dissolve?

No. Check out for more Coke myths and urban legends.

Would Sprite Fanta Or Coke dissolve faster when a skittle is put in?

A skittle would dissolve faster in Coke.

Does Coke dissolve aluminum?

No. If it did, the cans would dissolve.

Does meat dissolve in coke?

No it does not dissolve in coke

What acid is in coke?

did you know that phosphoric acid is in coke and it can dissolve a tooth.once a man left a tooth in a can of coke and in ten days it dissolved.if you could drink about 4 litres of coke within an hour you could DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!phosphoric acids is normally in rust remover

Why does coke dissolve meat?

coke can not dissolve meat. The meat literaly dissolves the coke

Can coke dissolve a banana?

no coke can dissolve a hotdog because the acid in the coke eats the hotdog away.

Why would a tooth soaked in coke gain weight?


What would candy dissolve in quickest coffee V8 coke or water and why?

coke because of the pH scale

Will a nail really dissolve in a glass of pepsi or coke?

think about it for a few minutes ;) im sure you'll figure it out

What in coke makes an nail dissolve?

The acids in coke is the STUFF that makes the nail dissolve.

Can coke dissolve meat in a week?

NO! Coke can not dissolve raw meat in five days.

What is a coke glass made of?

A Coke glass is made out of colored glass.

How bad is coke?

it is so bad that if you kept teeth in a jar with coke in a day the tooth would be gone

What is colder a can of coke or a glass of coke?

I would say the glass of coke (served with ice-cubes in it) is colder than the can. The melting ice-cubes in the glass of coke hold it at constant freezing/melting temperature (32F), the can of coke comes out of the refrigerator at the same temperature as the refrigerator (~35F) and warms from there.

Does salt dissolve faster in water or Coke?


Does a Jolly Rancher dissolve in coke?

yes jolly ranchers do dissolve in Coke all u need is a 2 liter of coke any jolly rancher flavor and potions and it will dissolve

Will coke dissolve pain pill?

Yes it will dissolve

How can you test that soda is bad for your teeth?

well, I'm going to use coke for an example, out a tooth i a cup of coke and keep it there for the night, see what happens.when i did it, the tooth had dissapeared. this proves that soda is bad for you teeth. if you don't believe me, find out yourself. I would get a cup of coke and use half an egg shel nd leave it in the glass for at leat a day or longer if you desire.Another way is to boil an egg in coke but the first one is the best.xx

What does coke dissolve?