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About 20 hours on I-10 total miles are 1,178 miles.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 18 hours and 26 minutes.


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MapQuest estimates the driving time as 16 hours and 44 minutes.

how long is the driving trip from Houston Texas to flagstaff Arizona. What are good land marks to see on the way.

425 miles, which takes about 6 hours and 41 minutes.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 15 hours.

MapQuest estimate the driving time as 15 hours and 34 minutes.

It has an estimated driving time of 13 hours and 45 minutes.

The distance between Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ, is 1,065 miles and will take about 15 Hours 5 Minutes to drive.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 14 hours and 22 monutes.

MapQuest estimates the driving time as 15 hours and 22 minutes.

Austin to Phoenix requires an estimated driving time of 14 hours and 22 minutes. The distance is 1,008.42 miles via I-10.

It is 162 miles and requires about 2.5 hours.

There is approximately 705 miles between Phoenix, Arizona and Amarillo, Texas. It would take about 10 and a half hours to drive by car.

It is an estimated 13 hour 45 minute driving time according to MapQuest.

About a thirty minute drive, maybe 15 on a good day.

It requires no time at all since Houston is the largest city in Texas.

The distance from Phoenix Arizona to St. George Utah is about six hours and forty minutes.

About 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix to downtown Gilbert, without rush hour traffic.

It is 1,063 miles and an estimated 16 hours and 55 minutes of driving time according to Google Maps.

It would take approximately 11 hours to drive from Houston to Amarillo. Give or take a few depending on how fast you drive.

It would be about a 55 gallon trip and probably cost 165 to 200 dollars for fuel.

It is an 841 mile drive according to MapQuest.

Austin to Houston is 165.30 miles about 2 hours and 45 minutes drive.

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