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If it is seven o'clock PM in Michigan what time is it in Paris?

It would be 1:00 am in Paris, France if it is 7:00 pm in Michigan. Paris time is 6 hours ahead of Michigan time.

How do you say Going to Detroit Michigan in Spanish?

Voy a Detroit, Michigan. The above is a translation of "I am going to Detroit, Michigan," not "Going to Detroit, Michigan" which is impossible to properly translate without context. If this clause is to provide the scenery to another event, it should be translated as "Yendo a Detroit Michigan" such as the following example, "Going to Detroit, Michigan, I noticed a deer crossing the road." This would be "Yendo a Detroit Michigan, anoté que un ciervo cruzaba la calle." If this clause is to describe an activity, it should be translated as "Ir a Detroit, Michigan" such as the following example, "My family loves going to Detroit, Michigan." This would be "A mi familia le encanta ir a Detroit Michigan."

Why is french spoken in Paris?

Because Paris is in France. And France is where one would hear French being spoken.

Beijing is to China as France is to?

it would be, Beijing is to China as Paris is to France.

How long would it take to get from Detroit Michigan to Rome Italy?


What state is Detoit in?

If you mean Detroit, that would be Michigan. If not I couldn't tell you.

What direction would I have to travel to go from Pittsburgh PA15236 To Paris France?

Pittsburgh in the US is to the west of Paris France thus you would have to go Eastwards.

How long does it take to fly from dallas Texas from Detroit Michigan?

How long does it take to fly from Dallas,Texas from Detroit,Michigan? Well the organically from just no stops between the each would be about 2 hours. But if you would be taking the plane that goes to Dallas,Texas to Hollywood California to New York City, New York to Detroit,Michigan would be about 4 hours. But, if you were just driving from Dallas to Detroit would be about 5 days.

In which of these countries would you view Eiffel tower England Germany or France?

The Eiffel Towel is found in Paris, France.

What would you call someone from Paris?

I assume you mean Paris, France. A "Parisian" is the answer. A female from Paris can be called a "Parisienne".

How many miles would it be to get from Sault Ste Marie to Detroit if there weren't the bridge connecting the two parts of Michigan?

If there were no bridge connecting upper and lower Michigan, it would be almost 1,000 miles to get from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to Detroit, Michigan by traveling to the east around Lake Huron. It a person traveled around Lake Michigan to the west, it would be over 1,000 miles.

What language would you need to know in Paris?

Paris is in France, so the best language to know would be French.

Where would you go to see the Louvre?

You would g to Paris France

How many miles from Detroit Michigan to Dublin Ireland?

A flight from Detroit, Michigan to Dublin, Ireland would take about 7 and a half hours. There is approximately 3,474 miles between the two locations.

What is the capital city of england and france?

The capital of England is London. The capital of France is Paris.

A good law school in Michigan?

The best would be the University of Michigan. Wayne State has a very high reputation, as does the University of Detroit.

How far is it to drive from NJ to Michigan?

From Trenton, New Jersey, it is 604 miles to Detroit, Michigan. It would take eleven hours.

Is Paris located in Northern France?

Paris is located at three quarters of the total South/North distance in France, but a lot of French would say that 'Northern France' is starting even more farther in the North of Paris.

Do they accept pounds in Paris?

Paris in France uses the Euro, so pounds would not be accepted.

What country is due south of Detroit?

If you were to draw a line due South of Detroit Michigan, the 1st foreign country it would pass through would be Canada.

Were abouts in France would you find Paris?

Paris is situated in Northern France. Its exact location is 48 50 N and 2 20 E.

What is an example of capital?

An example of a capital would be Paris, France.

In what city would you find the Eiffel tower?

in Paris, France.

How much is a ticket to Paris France?

That would depend on the "from" part

What is the river that crosses Paris France?

that would be the Seine river.