How long would it take to get to Saturn from earth in a rocket?


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5-6 years

it would take 5-6 years to travel to Saturn from earth!

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you cant drive in space quite a while (try a rocket)

Saturn doesn't orbit Earth

it would take approximately 45.94 days using a jet

Saturn does not orbit the earth. It orbits the sun.

Saturn orbits the Sun, not the Earth

1 Saturn year = 29.7 Earth years 1 Earth year = 0.0337 Saturn year

A day on Saturn is about 11 hours on Earth.

Since gas planets like Saturn are not exactly as easy to find measurements with as solids such as Earth, it's harder to tell. However, since Saturn does rotate faster than the Earth, a "day" there would be 10.656 hours long.

A day on Saturn lasts 10.6 hours, while a day on Earth lasts about 24 hours. So a Day on Saturn is 44.4% as long as an Earth day.

Flying to Saturn in a jet traveling at 600 miles per hour would take roughly 152 years. Saturn is about 800 million miles from Earth.

That would depend on the power of the rocket. The Apollo missions took about 3 days to get from the Earth to the Moon and back. However, if you had a rocket with enough fuel to run the rocket engines continually for one hour, you could get to the Moon in that hour!

not very long if your a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

At an average rocket pace, getting from earth to Venus would take approximately 4 months. By Luke V

one day on saturn in earth days is 10 hours and 37 minutes

It takes Saturn 29 Earth years and 167 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

a saturn year is 29 earth years and 155 earth days

A year on Saturn is the equivalent of 29.5 Earth years. A day on Saturn is 10 hours and 39 minuets long.

If the earth was at its closest point to Mercury it would take over a year for a rocket to reach it. It is about three days to the moon and two years to mars. Mr Google will tell you exactly how long it is to Murcury in a rocket.

Airplanes can't fly to Saturn. They can only fly in the air of the Earth's atmosphere, not in the vacuum of space between the Earth and Saturn.

Saturn does not circle the earth. It orbits the sun. Copernicus demonstrated this mathematically in the 17th century. It takes about 29 earth years for Saturn to complete one orbit of the sun.

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