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A person that wants to become a lawyer will need to study for several years. They will need to complete about 7 years in college and pass the state bar exams.


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Most U.S. law schools require 3 years of study to receive a Juris Doctorate, the degree required to become a lawyer. This is in addition to however long it takes to get a bachelors degree, which is required to get into law school.

how long it take to become a lawyer in trinidadand tobago

After 12th you have to go for 5 years integrated course. And after Degree you have to go for 3 years course.

I takes more than five years in college to become a DUI Lawyer.

You don't really have to study to become a waitress.

To become a corporate lawyer you need to first earn a bachelor degree, which takes four years of full-time study. That is followed by three years full-time of law school, after which you will need to pass the bar exam.

to become a accountant you have to study 5 to 7 years

It takes 7 years to become a lawyer. Plus some accounting classes for IRS.

Most places require a law degree to sit for the bar. That would be three years full time. Plus the time to study for the bar exam.

you usually have to study for about 3-4 years

yes of course as long as you are rehabilitated

There are numerous disadvantages to being a lawyer. Lawyers work long hours, the amount of money and school it takes to become a lawyer, and examinations and fees.

a lawyer at least 7 years. and hardly any law firms will accept you in nowadays

Judging by your spelling, a very, very long time.

Too long, you best off becoming a doctor or a lawyer.

where do i go to study to be a doctor, and what subjects do i have to do, and also how long does it take to study to be a adoctor.

It will probably take about up to 10 years

you need to study for 3-4 years and then if you focus on 1 special part of law it may add an extra year to your training. I don't really know what you need to study but i'd like to know myself. Oxford and Cambrige are good for that sort of thing !!!

Including undergraduate coarse work, law school, and the bar exam as a full time student it would take around 7 or 8 years to become a bankruptcy lawyer.

study more and work hard

You do not need to study to become an actress. There are children actresses for example that get jobs just because they're good.

Depends on the collage, but average 4-8 years

You need a Bachelor of Law Degree, this takes four years at university.

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