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How many 12x12 inch bricks would you need to lay for a 396 foot patio?

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2009-03-30 21:10:10

A 12" x 12" brick covers an area of one square foot. Assuming

your patio is 396 square feet, then you would need 396 bricks.

However, you will almost certainly have to cut some bricks to fit

them into whatever shape your approximately 20' x 20' patio will

be, so you should figure on needing a few more. The rule of thumb

is to order what you need plus 10% extra, but make sure you can

return the unused bricks. Area covered by 12x12 inch brick is 144

square inches. That is 1 square foot.

Total area of the patio is 396 square foot.

Number of bricks required = 396/1 = 396 bricks. Source: That gives you the extra ten percent you'll need

to compensate for cutting, breakage, etc.

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