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How many 1894 rifles were manufactured?

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The precise number of Winchester Model 1894 rifles that were manufactured is unknown, however, the number is around 7.5 million. This rifle was designed by John Browning.

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Winchester model 1894 Canadian centenial 1867-1967 when manufactured and how many were made?

Made in 1967. 97,395 rifles and carbines made.

Where are Savage Arms Rifles manufactured?

Currently they are in Westfield Mass. Before that they were in Chicopee Fall Mass. They were established in 1894.

When was Winchester model 1894 serial no 196251 manufactured?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1900.Winchester made 21,055 model 1894 rifles that year.

How many 1941 Winchester wcf model 94 were made?

Upadated answer: Winchester actually manufactured 53,738 Model 94s in the year 1941. Winchester produced 48,883 model 1894 rifles in 1941.

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Where are Ruger rifles manufactured?

In the USA

How many Winchester Model 1894 32 WS caliber were made?

No public records are available as to the breakdown of the model 1894 rifles produced by Caliber.

Where are savage rifles manufactured?

North America

How many Winchester lever action rifles patent date 1894 SN439038 32 caliber were made?


How many Winchester 1894 15 inch rifles made?

IIRC, the BATFE Curio and Relic list might have the answer.

Where are weatherby Vanguard rifles manufactured?

I believe that current made rifles are made in the state of Maine.

What year was 1894 Winchester rifle made serial number 553570?

Your winchester model 1894 was one of the first 500 rifles made by winchester in 1911.They made 46,200 rifles that year.

When was colt lighting rifle serial number 71983 manufactured?

your rifle was manufactured in 1894.

Who manufactured Ranger rifles?

ranger was its own company

How many WinchesterMiroku 1886 Extra Lite rifles were made?

First manufactured in 1998, they are still in production.

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How many sks rifles were manufactured?

Literally, millions. There were made by Russia, China, and many of the Soviet allies. While more AK47s have been made, there are a LOT of SKS rifles out there. No exact number are available.

Where are Remington rifles Manufactured?

Ilion, New York, USA

Winchester 1894 with ser 273164 year manufactured?


How many Winchester model 9417 were manufactured?

These rifles were made from 2003-2004 only.Winchester customer service might be able to answer your question as to how many.

Is 1967 Winchester 94 a disired model?

A Winchester model 1894 rifle made in 1967 may be desirable to some people,but the pre-64 model of the Winchester model 1894 is more desirable to collectors.The rifles made from 1894-1941 are the most desirable rifles of this make for collectors.

What large cal rifles were manufactured before 1918?

50 and up

What year was Winchester Model 1894 serial number 93431 manufactured?

In 1897 the Winchester Model 1894 will serial number 76,465 to 111,453 were manufactured. 93431 is halfway in between those numbers, so it can be assumed that it was manufactured in June or July of 1897.

Where can you find photographs of all model 1894 Winchester lever action rifles?

Not here.

Did Winchester 1894 rifles ever have a flip up sight if so when?

Yes. It was an option.