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Sometime after Savage ended production of the Model 99 they tried to re-introduce it with 99s made in Spain for them. I believe it was in the late 80s. Most parts are not interchangable. The stocks are, with some fitting work on the butt stock and bedding for the barrel contour. I know these were made in .308 but I don't know any other cals. or the number that were produced. There were not many made, as they show up on auction sites only very rarely. I do not believe the designation was "C", as that was the designation for 99s made at Savage with magazines ("C" standing for "Clip"). I think the Spanish ones had a different letter designation. Hopefully, somone else will see this and answer your question as I am also interested in the answer. -lduer

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โˆ™ 2012-09-30 16:21:17
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Q: How many 308 cal Savage 99 C were made in Spain?
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