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Sometime after Savage ended production of the Model 99 they tried to re-introduce it with 99s made in Spain for them. I believe it was in the late 80s. Most parts are not interchangable. The stocks are, with some fitting work on the butt stock and bedding for the barrel contour. I know these were made in .308 but I don't know any other cals. or the number that were produced. There were not many made, as they show up on auction sites only very rarely. I do not believe the designation was "C", as that was the designation for 99s made at Savage with magazines ("C" standing for "Clip"). I think the Spanish ones had a different letter designation. Hopefully, somone else will see this and answer your question as I am also interested in the answer. -lduer

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Q: How many 308 cal Savage 99 C were made in Spain?
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What is a savage 99CD 308?

A lever action rifle made by Savage in 308 Winchester.

What is the difference between the Savage 99E 308 win and the Savage 99F 308 win rifles?

The E model was an economy model made from 60-84

What caliber round does a savage 308 shoot?


What was the last year was the 300 savage model 99 made?

The last savage model 99,s were made in 1997.these were in 308 for the 300 savage these were made up until the 1960,s.

How do you find out when your savage 99C 308 was made the serial is over 1150000?

Contact Savage customer service thru their website.

What years were the savage 99c 308 rifle made?

The savage model 99C was made in 1965,and reproduced for a few years between 1995-1997.

What year was a savage 99f serial number 1100536 made?


What is the year of a savage 308 model 99f lever action with the serial number 1042841?

I can say that the Savage model 99F was made from 1955-1973.The .308 Winchester Cartridge was available starting in 1956 or 1957.

What grain bullet can be used in savage 308 rifle?

The savage 308 can use a lot of different grain bullets. The savage 10fp likes to shoot 168g in my best opinion.

How old is a Savage 308 99C Lever Action Serial Number 140365?

The savage model 99C in .308cal.was made in 1965,and reintroduced in 1995-1997.

What kind of ammunition do you buy for your Savage 99E 308?

Any Winchester 308 ammunition will work for you.

What is the value of the savage 99C 308?

$440 to $550

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i have a savage model510stricker chambered in 308 with a mounted scope what is it worth

Did savage make a model 24 in 308 12ga?

For a couple of years in the late 1980's Savage marketed a combination gun made by Marocchi of Italy which was chambered in 12ga over .222 Remington and 12ga over .308 Winchester. The gun was designated as their Model 389.

How much does a savage 308 cost?

300 USD or so.

What is a Savage model 99n 308 lever action worth?

99N Savage 308 -Condition:Poor = $175.00Fair - $450.00Good - $675.00Very Good = $975.00Excellent = $1150.00

Is this rifle Savage 111 GNS 308 scope mountable?


What is the year of savage model 99E lever action 308?

The savage model 99E carbine was produced from 1960-1982,in .308Win.caliber.

What are your thoughts on the savage model 11 308 win?

Good, solid rifle.

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Savage model 99 lever action 308 worth?

The value of the Savage model 99 lever action 308 varies greatly depending on its condition and age. On average this gun sells for about 300 to about 400 dollars.

What is the value of a savage 99c series a lever action 308win ser?

what is the value a 308 win savage 99 c. series A no.13515731

Can you shoot a 300 savage cartridge from a 308 rifle?

No. It may chamber, but the .308 has a wider neck diameter, shoulder diameter, and a longer case length.

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What calibers are short action rifles?

308, 250 Savage, .223 to name a few.