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How many AP classes should I take in order to get into NYU?

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2008-06-17 04:20:17

For most of the better schools out there you definitely want to

take as many as you can. Even if you think you will get a lower

grade in an AP class than in a regular class you should still pick

the AP because the school wants to see that you challenge yourself,

but still make sure you can at least achieve around a B/B+ in the

AP. However don't expect to get any credit for your AP

classes/scores unless you get a perfect 5. Most colleges, including

NYU, now even require everyone to take a basic writing course

despite getting a 5 as an AP English score. Also, if you are

pre-med don't expect to let those AP credits to stay around either

because the advisers will tell you that you need to retake the

science courses at college so that you have a true letter grade on

your transcript. BUT despite the lack of credit you will receive at

NYU for AP's you should definitely take as many as are available to

you. NYU is made up of different colleges and each college has its

different rules and requirements for entrance and Acceptance of AP

credit. I am a member of the College of Arts and Sciences with is

one of the biggest Colleges. They accept MOST AP tests with a 4 or

5 score, which is higher than some less accredited schools, but it

isn't impossible. If you are part of a different school or want to

know the scores and classes that substitute then you should go to and go to the college of your choices web page. It

shouldn't be too hard to find.

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