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None, most of the fighting in the Korean War was on land or in the air.

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What is Koreans favorite music?

American and Korean music.

How are Korean people today then they were in the Korean War?

There were Koreans to begin with for Korean War to begin. Without Koreans the war wouldn't happen right?

What lanugage do Koreans speak?

Koreans speak Korean. The written alphabet is called hangul

Is Dennis oh Korean?

Not exactly, he has got the citizenship of US. His father is American but his mother is Korean. So, he in American-Korean! he is well mannered like Koreans and hot and sexy as Americans...lolz! what a perfect combination.

What American ships were sunk in Korean war?

No warships were sunk; some support vessels were sunk by mines.

How do the Koreans communicate?

We communicate in Korean.

Why was the Korean War a Civil War?

cause it was between the northern Koreans and southern Koreans..?

Are Korean people Asian?

Koreans are Orientals.

Do Korean swim?

Yeah... Koreans swim..

When is Korean Thanksgiving?

Koreans do not celebrate Thanksgiving.

What language do the south Koreans speak?

Korean (or hangul as it's called in Korean)

Why did the Korean War began?

why the Korean war started is because the North Koreans wanted the South Korean part of Korea "Communist, but the South Koreans believed in "Freedom". So the North Koreans decided to attack the South Koreans, because the North Koreans wanted there government to be incharge, on June 23rd 1950. That's what I think, I hope you understood that. Thanks.................................Elisha Winegardner!

Did the Americans help the Koreans?

Korean War: 50 Percent Korean, 40 percent American, 10 percent United Nation.Korean Economic and Political developing for past 60 years 50 percent Korean, 50 percent American.Current Status: Korean: 80 percent, American:10 percent, Japanese: 10 percent.

What are the different languages that Koreans speak?

koreans only speak korean they do not have any other language.

What were the negative results of the Korean War?

The negative results of the Korean War were American and allied casualties, wounded, killed, captured and missing.

How many Koreans died in the Korean War?

42.4 thousand died in the Korean war

How has the Korean way of life changed in the last century?

The Koreans have changed their language to Korean

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