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One woman & five children on a church sponsored outing at Mt. Gearhart, Oregon were the only casualties on American soil by Japanese balloon bombs.

Richard V. Horrell

WW 2

Mrs. Elsie Mitchell, who was pregnant, along with Sherman Shoemaker, 12, Jay Gifford, 12, Eddie Engen, 13, Joan Patzke, 11, and Dick Patzke, 13, were killed by the Japanese on May 5th, 1945, in Oregon.

Here is a copy of the original 1945 Seattle Times newspaper article after it happened:

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Q: How many American women and children were killed on American soil by the Japanese balloon bombs?
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The balloon bombs are true, they killed one person, they were meant and designed to cause large forest fires....

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A fire balloon (風船爆弾, fūsen bakudan, lit. "balloon bomb"), or Fu-Go.It was a balloon bomb launched by the Japanese that used the Jet Stream to travel to the United States. Even though some 5,000 were launched during the war, there was one recorded instance where five American civilians were killed near Bly, Oregon, on May 5th, 1945 when they went to inspect and retrieve one such balloon bomb.

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