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10 million give or take


That's a hard question to answer. It's probably between 20 - 50% of the adult population of America, depending on what study you are referencing.

Many experts claim that it's at least 1-in-4 Americans. Which would be 76,751,637 people according to US Census Bureau Data for 2009.

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Q: How many Americans own a gun?
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How many hand gun are owned by Americans?

Multiple millions - as many as they want to own...

What percentage of Americans own guns?

At the end of 2010 it was estimated that 45% of Americans own guns. If you took the percentage of guns to the number of Americans, the number rises to 90%. Of course, many of these numbers are off due to many gun transfers at gun shows which is a transfer from one private collection to another, so in many instances these are not registered transfers.

How many Americans own gun illegally?

No one knows since they would invoke their 5th Amendment right.

Do more Americans own a gun than a spoon?

I doubt it.

What percent of Americans own any gun?

We do not know an exact number- lack of records, but it is estimated that about 1/3rd of all households have at least 1 gun.

How many Americans work in the gun and firearms industry?


What should a physican do when someone has a gun?

Your question is rather vague. If you mean what should a physician do if someone OWNS a gun- I would ask why they should do anything. Owning a gun is not an illness, and is a right guaranteed to Americans. About 1/3rd of he households in the US own at least one gun- and I know several doctors that own guns.

Can a person own a gun if it is registered to someone else?

No if the gun is not registered in your name , no you can not own a gun. if you do not have license to own a gun you can not have it either

Do you have to be a expert to own a gun?

No you do not have to be a gun expert to own a gun. As long as you are of legal age to own a firearm and you do not have any felony offenses on your record, you can own a gun.

How many gun owners are there in Bexar County?

There are no records. Texas does not require permits to own a gun.

How many households own a gun?

Tens of milliions.

How many people in Arizona own a gun?

a lot

How many older Americans have computers?

2 old Americans own computer.

How many Americans illegally own guns?

There has never been a survey created for this question, most likely because someone would not be willing to admit they have an "Illegal gun" Additionally, whenever someone is discovered to possess a gun illegally, it usually gets taken from them, and they no longer have it.

How many Americans own iPods?


How many people own a gun in Colorado?

No way to know.

How many gun owners own cats in the us?


Did Michael Jackson own a gun?

No, he didn't own a gun.

How many Americans own a computer?

Based on the Government Census it is to believe in 2015 84% of all Americans own a computer and actively use the internet.

How many people in the United States own a computer?

76% of Americans own a computer.

How many Americans don't own guns?

@ 1/2 of the population does not own a firearm.

What percentage of Americans own a gun?

It is estimated that the number is between 35 and 45%. Since most states do NOT require that guns be registered, it will have to remain an estimate.

How many people own a gun in the USA?

@ 25% of the total population.

Do you have to be eighteen to own a gun?

Yes, you do have to be 18 to own a gun in the US

How many attachment are in Call of Duty Black Ops?

There are many attachments. It just depends which gun it is. Each gun will have its own special attachment. Hope my answer helped.