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they can have uo to 3,4

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Q: How many Baby Tigers can the Mother Tiger have?
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Do tigers have young?

Yes they do. The mother will have as many as seven babies at one time-- a baby tiger is usually called a "cub." When a tiger baby is born, it is helpless and weighs about two pounds. After the baby tigers are born, the mother will leave them to hunt for food. Not all of the cubs will survive-- normally, she cannot kill enough prey to feed all seven cubs, and under most circumstances, only two or three will be able to live.

How many children does a tiger have?

Mother tigers will tend to only have 2 or 3 cubs in one birthing.

How many tigers are there in tiger wood?

There can't be any tigers in Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods is a famous golfer.

How many cubs does a tiger give birth to?

tigers usually give birth to 1 baby every time

Are there tigers in Somalia?

Yes there tiger in Somalia many of tiger

How many babies can a tiger shark have?

Tiger sharks have one baby at a time. An egg hatches inside the mother. Then the mother produces another egg. The baby tiger shark eats that egg. When the baby tiger shark gets to be a certain size, the mother ejects it and the father shark fertilizes another egg.As many as 80 or as little as 10usally 35 to 55 pups ocastionally up to 825-20

How many tigers are there in a tiger gruop?

Tigers don't live in groups.

How many teeth does a baby tiger have?

A baby tiger has 20 teeth

How many tigers are there is a tiger group?

solitary and very teritorial tigers don't live in a group only the cubs live with their mother until they reach a certain age

How many babies does the mother panthera tiger have at one time?

Tigers usually have two to four cubs, six is the most recorded.

Do tigers have a greater amount of babies than Bengal tigers?

Bengal tigers are a species of tigers, and I think the limit of how many tiger cubs a tiger can get in one litter is 5.

How many tigers are on Tiger Island?

there are roughly 0- 10 000 tigers there. :)

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