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30000 and through the war 30000

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Q: How many British soldiers were enrolled at the start of World War 2 and what was their army size throughout the war?
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How many British soldiers were enrolled at the start of World War 1 and what was their army size throughout the war?


How many Australian soldiers were sent to World War 1?

Over 300,000 men enlisted, over 60,000 men were killed and over 156,000 men injured, grazed or taken prisoner.Over 300,000 soldiers enrolled Over 300,000 soldiers enrolled

What were the nicknames of soldiers in World War 1?

british soldiers were called TOMMIES german soldiers were called FRITZ or JERRIES british soldiers were called TOMMIES german soldiers were called FRITZ or JERRIES

What did the World War 1 English soldiers eat in the trenches?

British soldiers in world war 1 had 6oz

How many British Soldiers were executed for desertion and cowardice?

306 british soldiers got executed for cowardice in World War One.

What slang did British soldiers use for German soldiers in world war 1?

normally the british soldiers called Germans "fritz" and the Germans called the brits "Tommy"

How many British Soldier were injured in World War I?

2,090,212 British soldiers were wounded in World War 1

What slang terms did German soldiers use for US British and Russian soldiers in World War 1?

The Germans referred to the British as 'Tommys'.

How much involved the Gurkha soldiers in World War 2?

The Gurkha soldiers fought on behalf of the British in World War 2. There was a separate 'Gurkha regiment' in British Army. The Gurkha soldiers were very faithful and obedient and they laid down their lives in the battlefield fighting for the British army.

What were British soldiers called in World War 1?


What were British soldiers in World War 2 fighting for?


Where were British Soldiers based in World War 2?


What did British soldiers do in World War 2?

won the war.

Where did british soldiers fight in world war 1?


What did world war 2 British soldiers wear?


How many soldiers were killed in World War 1?

About 908,000 Great British soldiers were killed in WW1

How many UK soldiers were in World War 1?

there were 5,397,000 british soldiers mobilised during ww1.

How many British soldiers lost their life's in World War 2?

326,000 soldiers lost their life's.

How man English soldiers died during world war 2?

383,800 British Soldiers were killed during World War 2.

Why did Indians support the British in world war 1 but not in world war 2?

They did support the British in both world wars, providing goods and soldiers to the British. Although "support" may be putting it a bit strongly: India was a colony governed by the British during both wars, and their soldiers were simply transferred to the various theatres of war by the British.

How many British soldiers fought in World War 1?

8,841,541 is the official count for the British Empire.

What were the uniforms for British soldiers in World War 1?

They were Karki or grey and was very heavy and uncomfortable for the soldiers to carry.

How many Great Britain Soldiers died in World War 2?

400,000 british soldiers died in ww2

Did british soldiers join the German army during World War 2?

Not in high numbers, no. Most "defectors" Into Axis ranks were soldiers from British colonized lands.

Why did the British execute their own soldiers?

The British army often executed their own soldiers in World War One for crimes such as desertion and cowardice. Often these soldiers were suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or were pacifists.