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How many Bushel of wheat is 1 ton?


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33 1/3 bushels of wheat makes one ton.


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36.74371 bushels are equal to 1 ton.

1 bushel= 60 lbs.60 lbs = 1 bushel1 ton - 2000 lbs1 bushel= .03 ton.03* 607000000000=18 210 000 000 bushels

A dry bushel of wheat weighs 60 pounds. Therefore a ton of wheat will be just over 33.33 bushels. (2000 pounds/60pounds = 33.333333) This is based on short tonage 2000lbs = 1 ton

One bushel of wheat = about 35.24 liters.

1 bushel equals 60lbs of wheat. I'm guessing it's the same for wheat flour.

39.2 Bushels to a tonne

It would take 225 bushels of durum wheat to equal 1 ton of urea.

Wheat and soybeans: 1 bushel = 60 lb = 27.2155422 kg

1 U.S. ton is 2,000 pounds, so at 60 lbs per bushel, 1 ton is 33 1/3 bushels. For 1 metric tonne, 36.7 bushels are needed.

A #10 can is 6.25" diameter x 7" tall can this is about 215 cubic inches or 1/10th of a bushel (10 cans to a bushel) this can will hold about 6.9 lbs of wheat corns, or 3.75 lbs flour

As of 07-20-2009, basis delivered Great Falls, Montana 1 bushel of HRW (Hard Red Winter Wheat), 11.5% pro is worth $5.00 1 bushel of DNS Dark Northern Spring Wheat), 14% protein is worth $5.90 Basis delivered Portland, Oregon add $0.86

8 tons per hectare 1 ton = 39.4 bushels 1 bushel gives 42 lbs = 42 loaves 13104 loaves = 1 hectares You may want to check this but i think it's correct

A lot of guys will tell ya a bushel to a bushel and a half per acre but i like to put out 2 bushels to the acre for a good stand.

In the Midwest portion of the US under average conditions, one bushel of wheat can be harvested from about 1/50th of an acre, or about 870 square feet. Under ideal or excellent conditions, a bushel can be had from less than half that area.

1 tonne = 2 204.62262 pounds

In March 2012 the price of wheat was $260 for 1 metric ton

1 bushel of oats is equal to 14.5kg

1 bushel is 32 dry quarts.

1 Soybean Bushel = 27.2155 Kg

1 bushel [US, dry] = 35.2390704 liters.

Since 1 tonne = 2,204.622 pounds, and there are 60 pounds of soybeans to the bushel, 1 tonne of soybeans is 36.743 bushels.

A US ton is a unit of weight, and is much heavier than a bushel of anything.A bushel is a volume measurement approximately equal to 1.2445 cubic feet or 0.035 m3.However, given a standard moisture content, a US bushel of soybeans is assigned a weight of 60 pounds(27.2 kg).That would make 33 1/3 bushels of soybeans in a US ton. (2000 lb.)

1 bushel of tomatoes = 53 lbs

3 1/2 pounds in a bushel Metta

There are about 150 cups (8oz.) of grain in a 60 pound bushel of wheat (1 bushel = 0.352 hectolitres in volume, 1 hectolitre = 3381.4 US fluid oz.). When converted to flour these 150 cups of kernels produce about 300 cups of flour. About 3 cups of flour are required to produce a single 1.5 pound loaf of bread. Therefore 1 bushel of flour produces about 100 loaves of bread each weighing 1.5 pounds (24 oz.) Or, in other words, a bushel of grain berries (kernels) produces about 150 pounds of bread.It isn't possible to tell. Each bushel of wheat makes a somewhat different amount of wheat. Also, each type of bread uses a somewhat different amount of flour. So between those two variables you can't predict how many loaves will be made.

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