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There are about 41,000 different Christian denominations in five major 'families' of churches/communion. The percentages in brackets indicate the percent of the Christian population affiliated with each 'family' or group of denominations:

  1. The Catholic Church [50%]
  2. Historic Protestant and Anglican churches [18%]
  3. The Eastern Churches (Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Church of the East) [12%]
  4. Pentecostal churches [12%]
  5. Evangelical (non-Pentecostal) [8%]

These later two categories include a number of "non-denominational" or independent congregations. All five, however, have a various number of 'sects' within them.

The first wave of "non-denominational" churches are in fact the third wave of the pentecostal movement. Other independent congregations tend to be evangelical, and while may not belong to a denomination per se, often do belong to various parachurch organizations or adhere to a common set of standards and beliefs with other similar evangelical churches.

Some megachurches, by engaging in 'church planting' set themselves up as a de facto denomination while maintaining the "non-denominational" title.

Counting denominiations is difficult for these reasons, and also because of the web of relationships between churches. For example, the Catholic Church is made up of 23 self-governing (sui iuris) churches worldwide; the Anglican Communion is made up of 38 self-governing provinces. Some surveys count each of these separately (so Church of England is one, The Episcopal Church is another) and some count them together (Anglicans).

Here is a list of random church names:
  • Aaronic Order
  • African Methodist
  • Amish
  • Ancient Apostolic
  • Anglican
  • Anglo-Israelism
  • Antiochian
  • Apostolic
  • Armenian
  • Baptist Convention
  • Beachy Amish
  • Belarusian Greek Catholic
  • Black Primitive Baptist
  • Brazilian Catholic
  • Brethren
  • British Methodist
  • Bulgarian Greek Catholic
  • Byzantine (Constantinopolitan)
  • Calvinist
  • Celtic Catholic
  • Chaldean
  • Chinese Methodist
  • Christian Methodist
  • Congregationalist
  • Conservative Baptist
  • Coptic Catholic
  • Croatian Greek Catholic
  • Dunker
  • Eastern Orthodox
  • Episcopal
  • Exclusive Brethren
  • Free Catholic
  • Georgian Byzantine Catholic
  • Greek Byzantine Catholic
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Hungarian Greek
  • Indian Brethren
  • Italo-Albanian Catholic
  • Kerala Brethren
  • Latin Catholic
  • Latter Day
  • Liberal Catholic
  • Lutheran
  • Lutheran Orthodox
  • Macedonian Greek Catholic
  • Maronite
  • Melkite Greek Catholic
  • Mennonite
  • Methodist
  • Mexican National Catholic
  • Moravian
  • National Baptist
  • Nebraska Amish
  • Nestorians
  • Old Order Amish
  • Open Brethren
  • Oriental Orthodox
  • Orthodox Catholic
  • Palmarian Catholic
  • Polish National Catholic
  • Presbyterian
  • Primitive Methodist
  • Quaker (Friends)
  • Remnant
  • River Brethren
  • Roman Catholic
  • Romanian
  • Russian Byzantine Catholic
  • Russian Orthodox
  • Ruthenian Catholic
  • Salvationist
  • Seventh-day Adventist
  • Slovak Greek Catholic
  • Social Brethren
  • Southern Baptist
  • Southern Conservative
  • Spiritus Christi
  • Swartzendruber Amish
  • Syriac
  • Syro-Malabar
  • Syro-Malankara
  • Taborites
  • True Catholic
  • Ukrainian Greek Catholic
  • Unitarian
  • Utaquists
  • Waldensians
  • Wycliffites
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Why are there so many different denominations within Christianity?

The Lord never intended for His church to be divided up into hundreds of competing groups teaching vastly different doctrines. The Lord is not the Lord of confusion. It is man that has changed His doctrine and turned it into a mass of confusion and division. Much of this has be for filty lucre (1 Pe ( Full Answer )

How does the Christian denomination differ from the Baptist denomination?

Answer . Anyone who believes that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, believing that Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified and rose again on the third day, paying for our sins with HIS blood, accepts Him as Savior and FOLLOWS Him is a Christian. The Christian religion is further broken i ( Full Answer )

How many Christian denominations are in the USA?

Only God knows. Seriously. There is no requirement for denominations to register with any governing body, so there are a great many small denominations, some of which do not have a physical church, and therefore would be exceedingly difficult to count. The below link is a possible reference.

How many denominations of Christianity are there?

There are about 40,000 different Christian denominations, though this counting includes national churches that are part of the same communion as 'different denominations' (for example, it counts Church of England and Episcopal Church as two, but both are part of the Anglican Communion). They can be ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many denominations of Christians when Jesus said there is only one way?

Some of the denominations are simply different ways of governing the church body. Others have different doctrines. Some may even be in apostasy--falling away from what the Bible teaches. You can evaluate that as you study the scripture.. But you are right--the only doctrine that matters is what God ( Full Answer )

What are the denominations of Christianity?

There are a lot of different denominations. Some of these include: . Presbytarian . Methodist . Baptist . Lutheran These are the protestant denominations. Non-protestants include: . Catholic . Orthodox . Greek Orthodox There are others which fall under non-protestant. I can't list them be ( Full Answer )

What does denominational Christian mean?

Apply this definition to Christianity: 4 : a religious organization whose congregations are united in their adherence to its beliefs and practices --Merriam-Webster's online dictionary A denominational Christian is simply one who is a member or involved in one of the recognized Christian d ( Full Answer )

What was the first christian denomination?

Technically Roman Catholicism could be viewed as the first denomination prior to any large splits, although as such it would be pre-denominational.

What christian denominations followed after Catholicism?

Many sources will state the origins of Catholicism as early as 90-100 AD. Records are more easily found from the era of the Roman Emperor Constantine, however. The Roman Emperor Constantine "legalized" Christianity at the Edict of Milan in A.D. 313, where previously Christians were largely persecut ( Full Answer )

Which Christian denominations do not celebrate the Eucharist and why?

Only Catholics celebrate the Eucharist. Catholics believe thatJesus is truly present under the appearances of bread and wine.Other christian denominations may have a 'communion service' inwhich they reenact the Last supper, but they believe that theEucharist is a symbol of Jesus, not truly Jesus Him ( Full Answer )

What are the different denominations of Christians?

1.Catholicism 2.Orthodoxy3.Protestantism(Lutherans,Baptist,Methodist,more)4.Nontrinitarian However, most do not consider those who are not believers in the Blessed Trinity (Unitarians, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc.) to be true Christians as they reject the Nicene and Apostles Creeds which are t ( Full Answer )

Who founded the Christian Denomination?

Obviously, Jesus of Nazareth, i.e., Jesus Christ, is the founder of the Christian religion. His apostles, and subsequently, His disciples continued his legacy and His teachings. After a time the Christian church was called "Catholic", which means universal, as our Lord wanted only one, true Church - ( Full Answer )

What does the word denomination have to do with Christianity?

Well, the word denomination has a few meanings. The word "denomination" can be used to describe a category, a religious group, or an amount of money (in the USA money comes in $1, $5 and $10 denominations.) The word contains the root "nom" which means) "name." Various Christian groups are considered ( Full Answer )

Which Christian denominations are against war?

All Christians -- and all people -- should be against war. But there are some denominations that are against being in the military. They include: Jehovah's Witnesses and Conservative Mennonites.

Why are there Christian denominations?

Because different people have different beliefs in Christianity. Unfortunately, those differences have lead to divisions. God requires unity. Jesus' last prayer was for his disciples to remain united (John 17). The denominations are the result of sin and a scandal to the Gospel. There is meant to b ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many Christian denominations?

There are many different reasons. Much of Christianity has been polluted by other false paganreligions, which has led to differing beliefs and unscripturalpractices which have caused them to break apart. Also, politics is heavily involved since for a long time thereligious leaders have backed gove ( Full Answer )

How is Christianity a faith based on the teachings of the bible divided into so many denominations?

While Christianity is indeed a faith based on the teachings of the bible, it was adopted as the state religion of the Roman empire. At this point the teachings were brought together under the Nicene convention and the doctrine standardized, and non conforming teachings were stamped out. At the end ( Full Answer )

What Christian denominations acknowledge evolution?

Acceptance or rejection of evolutionary theory is not denomination specific, however a denomination that takes the bible very literally is more likely to have followers how reject evolution and a denomination that take the Bible liberally is more likely to accept evolution. The Pope has said that ( Full Answer )

Which christian denominations are the friendliest?

Mainline Protestant denominations. Especially United Methodists. (their slogan is "open minds, open hearts, open doors") Evangelical Lutherans and the United Church of Christ are also very accepting and friendly christians especially towards toward LGBT people. All three of these denominations are p ( Full Answer )

How many Christian denominations are in Kerala?

Malabar Independent Syrian Church, Mar Thoma Church, Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

Why there are so many different denominations of Christianity today?

I don't want to be frank but Satan uses different religions andschemes to ensnare people. 1 John 4:1 says, "Beloved ones, do notbelieve every inspired statement, but test the inspired statementsto see whether they originate with God, for many false prophetshave gone out into the world." We also know ( Full Answer )

Which Christian denominations allow polygamy?

None of the mainstream Christian denominations allow polygamy, especially in countries where it is illegal. There are several offshoot cults and churches which allow polygamy, but these are usually individual small churches (

Why does the answer to your questions about Christianity vary by denominations?

"Christianity" is separated into dozens (maybe even hundreds) of sects. Catholicism is the original Christian church, it traces its beginnings back to Jesus Christ and St Peter (also known as Simon-Peter ... one of the twelve disciples). In about 1300 CE the "schism" "Orthodox" split from the Cathol ( Full Answer )

Can you name 5 Christian denominations?

There are three major splits in Christianity: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism Some of the main Protestant denominations are: Anabaptist Anglican Baptist Episcopalian Lutheran Methodist Pentecostal Presbyterian

What are the disadvantages of christian denominations?

All the differences - - All the confusion - - All the lack of UNITY. Christians are all supposed to be spiritual brothers; united by a bond of love; working together to get the preaching and teaching assignment from Christ Jesus accomplished; and setting a good example for the rest of the world of ( Full Answer )

What is all the denominations for Christianity?

There are nearly 300 different denominations in the U.S. alone. But they fall into basic categories Catholic, Reformed, Orthodox, Congregational, Holiness/Pentecostal

How did Christian denominations come about?

There are many different circumstances that gave birth to each particular denomination. However, the fundamental issue is almost always that people in the Church who were entrusted with the authoirty and responsibility to maintain unity failed to do so, and/or that Christians lacked the charity the ( Full Answer )

Can all Christian denominations be correct?

Ephesians 2:18 For through him (Jesus) we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. 1 Corinthians 8:6 But to us there is but "one" God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we "in" him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we "by" him. John 1:17 For the law was ( Full Answer )

Which is the most persecuted Christian denomination?

Roman Catholics--- taking in account of the persecutions of Rome- the Protestant reformation (wars that followed) persecution during England's reformation. The persecution in early America- cristero war in Mexico- the holocaust of Germany - (second to the Jewish people-

How many christian denominations wash feet?

8% of evangelical denominations practice feet washing as an ordinance. Such as brethren churches, Churches of God General Conference churches and others.

Which Christian denominations do infant baptism?

Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, and Anglicans (Church of England) baptize infants due to their belief in Original Sin. Original sin, is a basic belief that children are sinful because sin is passed down through the generations as a result of Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden. See Romans 5:12 and Ps ( Full Answer )

Why are there denominations in Christianity?

Since the time Jesus was walking around on the Earth, people have had different ideas about what He was saying and what He meant. Jesus told alot of parables (stories with metaphors to life) and He rarely explained what they meant in definitive terms (pretty much because people wouldn't understand H ( Full Answer )

What was the first denomination of Christianity?

Answer 1 A little hard to say because some are not in existence anymore, butalso it depends on what is considered a denomination. Byzantium wasthe first of an Empire to embrace Christianity. But before thatthe, Coptic people of Egypt and Ethiopia evolved separately fromthe less organized European Ch ( Full Answer )

Why are there denomination in Christianity?

Because some Christians think the way they believe is correct and the way others believe is not correct. Dogma, traditional differences etc. For example: Protestants vs. Catholics

What Christian denomination is Matthew Bellamy?

Matt Bellamy, as far as what we've seen, is not a Christian. He's always expressed more Atheist views in interviews, but he could also be Agnostic/Deist. He doesn't seem to have a specific set of beliefs or religion.

Why does the Christian church have so many different denominations?

Christianity really isn't a church or a religion although there arenow churches that identify themselves as "The Christian Church"etc... These church's are more purists when it comes to theirbelief systems. For example, the Catholic Church has confession,the rosary as well as a number of other uniqu ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity divide into two denominations?

Another answer from our community: True Christianity never divided. Only pseudo-Christianity divides -- thus it is really not Christianity at all; because trueChristianity does not divide. Christ Jesus keeps his house inorder. His house is not a haven of division. The label 'Christianity' is used t ( Full Answer )

When did christian denomination begin?

Christianity began with the life of Jesus Christ, which was about 2000 years ago. The formation of different denominations began within a few centuries of that time.

What are different denominations with Christianity?

A recent survey found there were over 30,000 churches/organizationscalling themselves Christian worldwide. This being the case then,the predominant 'denominations' are: Catholic, Protestant,Orthodox, Evangelical.

How many religious denominations does Christianity include?

A recent survey found over 30,000 churches/organizationsworldwide calling themselves Christian - each with a degree ofdifference. These are predominantly found in 5 main groupings:Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal types. . An interesting note here is that more and more 'Chris ( Full Answer )

Which denomination was the first to exist in Christianity?

The first denomination was simply "Christian". They were to believeas one and to have the same mind and heart that Jesus had. A commonterm is "First Century Christians" which includes Jesus's apostlesand other followers that, by the power of holy spirit, startedforming Christian congregations throug ( Full Answer )