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# The number killed in action was 2,303,320; died of wounds, disease or accidents 500,165; 11,000 sentenced to death by court martial; 2,007,571 missing in action or unaccounted for after the war; 25,000 suicides; 12,000 unknown ; 459,475 confirmed POW deaths, of whom 77,000 were in the custody of the U.S., UK and France; and 363,000 in Soviet custody. POW deaths includes 266,000 in the post war period after June 1945, primarily in Soviet captivity; # Dr. Rüdiger Overmans believes that "It seems entirely plausible, while not provable,that one half of the missing were killed in action, the other half however in fact died in Soviet custody" # Soviet sources list the deaths of 474,967 of the 2,652,672 German Armed Forces POW taken in the War. # The number of wounded includes 1,600,000 permanently disabled which was listed in Geschichte Des Zweiten Weltkrieges A.G. Plötz 1960. P. 81

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How many German civilians died in World War 2?

22 Germans died

How many German solders died in Europe in World War 2?

5,533,000 is the current estimate of how many German Soldiers died in WWII. How many of those died in Europe though, I am unsure of.

How many German pilots died in World War 2?


How many people died in World War I who were from Germany?

1,808,000 German people died in WW1

How many German soldiers died in World War 1?

approximately 1,808,000

About how many German Shepherd died in World War 2?

over 5,000 died serving their country.

How many German soldiers died during World War 1?

It is estimated that approximately 1 million and 700,000 German soldiers died during World War I. About 8.7 million Russian soldiers died during this war.

How many German and Italian soldiers died World War 2?

about 7 and a half

How many Muslims died in German concentration camps in world war 2?


How many German solders died in world war 2?

Around 5 million German soldiers were killed. This was around 7% of the general population that died. The majority of German military deaths were KIA.

How many Jews died in the First World War fighting for Germany?

In World War 1 over 12,000 German Jews died fighting for Germany.

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How many German soldiers died in ww1?

2,050,897 German soldiers died in ww1

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How many German pilots died in World War 1?

Many German pilots died in world war two I'm pretty sure no one is exactly for sure but there may be some one out there who does know and type any comments and if you have any corrections please make them thanks

How many German civillians died during World War 2?

3.25 Million German Civilians died during World War 2, 2.45 Million being people from Germany and 700,000 being Ethnic Germans in other Nations.

How many German troops died during world war 2?

The main table in the relevant Wikipedia article gives the figure as about 5,533,000 German military dead.

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How many German soldiers died in Stalingrad?

841,000 people died

How many German's soldiers died in World War 2?

About 5 million German Soldiers were killed during WW2.

How many Jews were killed in German gas chambers in world war 2?

I'm pretty sure that it was about 40% of the people who died.

How many US soldiers died fighting against German forces in World War 2?

i have no idea so please help

How many german soldiers died?

1.8 million

How many Jews from Germany died in the Holocaust?

195,000 died, but not all of them were German Jews.

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