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about 9 million German soldiers were killed

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Q: How many Germans were killed in Germany during World War 1?
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Who killed more people during World War 2 The Germans The Japanese or the Russians?

The Germans

How many people did Germany lose in World War 2?

It's to be estimated that aout 11 Million Germans were killed during World War 2

Did Germany bomb the US during World War 2?

No the Germans did not bomb the USA. We did. The Germans would call it "Blitzkrieg"

Which entity responsible for most jews killed during world war 2?

The Nazi Germans.

Who was the leader of the Germans during World War 2?

Adolf Hitler was the Nazis dictator who was the leader of Germany during World War II.

How many German civilians were killed during world war 2?

3.25 Million German Civilians died during World War 2, 2.45 Million being people from Germany and 700,000 being Ethnic Germans in other Nations.

How many Russians were killed by Germans in world war 2?

Around 26.5 Million Soviets were killed as a result of any battle/conflicts with Germany throughout the Second World War.

How were germany treated after world war 2?

Germany was divided up into ally sections and ALL of the germans,eithen the civilians was beaten badly and some were killed

How were Germans treated during World War 2?

In Germany, Germans were treated with utmost respect, this was during the time of Hitler's nazi regime. Germans treated prisoners of war and individuals in the concentration camps with none.

Who was the leader of the Germans during World War 1?

In World War I, Germany was led by Emperor (Kaiser) Wilhelm II.

What did the Germans do during world war 2?

Well, they attempted to take over the world. They killed almost 6 million jews.

Did the French ever surrender to Germany during World War 1?

No. But the Germans got very close to Paris during an assault.

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