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How many Gs does the Bakugan wavern have?

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Is there a Bakugan wavern?

There is a bakugan wavern.

Were can you get the wavern Bakugan?

well i got my wavern at target in a 3 pack. and i saw two waverns at walmart in 3packs. my wavern is a haos and its 600 gs.

Does a bakugan without gpower have infinite gs?

only if it is wavern,naga or neo dragonoid.

Where can you get the Bakugan wavern?


What atribute is wavern?

wavern has no atribute and is a white bakugan wich is rare

What Bakugan has the most g's?

the bakugan with the most g's is wavern

Is wavern the Bakugan legendary?

Yes, it is.

Who is joey's Bakugan?

Its a haos Wavern

Is the Bakugan wavern out in stores?


Is Joe's Bakugan's name spelled Wavern or Wyvern?

Joe's bakugan is Wavern. For a complete list of Bakugan with names and pictures check out

What attribute is wavern?

since wavern is an ultimate bakugan,you can choose another attribute for it during battle.

How many Gs does wavern have?

it has 580 cool and naga has 720 i got the twins

Where is the gs for wavern located?

Not many people get the chance to get a Wavern but if you do the G power will either be writtin on the inside of the right wing or on the chest. Have Fun! Codfish :)

Original gs of Draco bakugan?

how many gs does Draco have

Is there a white wavern Bakugan ball?

Yes there is i saw it at Target

How do you unlock wavern in bakugan battle brawlers for the ds?

you cant

How many Gs does the bakugan Hades have?


How many Gs can a Bakugan get up to?

their is no limit

Are all darkus bakugan evil?

No. What about darkus percival and i have a darkus wavern

How many Gs does a Bakugan trap have it has 2 attribute symbols?

trap bakugan have no g's

How many gs does infinite dragonoid bakugan have?


How many gs has bakugan diablo got?


Who is the best bakugan and how many gs does it have?

There really is no such thing.

Is there a 900 G Bakugan?

There is not a 900 gs Bakugan but I think the highest is 850 gs(Chance Draganoid.)p.s Naga is only 650 gs.(You can get it in the Bakugan game.)

How many gs is 1m in Bakugan?

the average is three fifty. Yours truly, The Bakugan Freak