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No there is 3 games in all.. Guitar Hero on tour, guitar hero on tour decades and guitar hero on tour modern hits.. these are all I know off but I believe there is only 3 guitar hero DS games :)

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How many Guitar Hero games are there?

The Guitar Hero games are:Guitar HeroGuitar Hero IIGuitar Hero: Rock the 80'sGuitar Hero IIIGuitar Hero AerosmithGuitar Hero World TourGuitar Hero MettalicaGuitar Hero IVGuitar Hero VGuitar Hero Van HalenDJ HeroBand Hero

How many games of the Guitar Hero series were released?

In total there have been six main Guitar Hero games with six other spin off games which were usually based around a band or decade. The six games in the main series are: Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

How many guitar heroes has there been?

Main Titles: Guitar Hero Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Band-centric games: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Hero: Van Halen Expansion Games: Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s Guitar Hero Smash Hits Band Hero DJ Hero: DJ Hero DJ Hero 2 Portable Games: Guitar Hero On Tour Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Mobile Games: Guitar Hero III: Mobile Guitar Hero III: Back Stage Pass Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile Guitar Hero 5 Mobile Other Games: Guitar Hero Carabiner Guitar Hero Arcade Guitar Hero (iOS)

What is Guitar Hero 5?

Guitar Hero 5 is the fifth installment of the Guitar Hero Games. It contains many songs you can "play" with the guitar provided.

How many more Guitar Hero games will come out?

I think 4 more. 1.DJ Hero 2.Band Hero 3.Guitar Hero 5 4.Guitar Hero "Van Halen"

How many versions does Guitar Hero have for XBox 360?

There are many different versions of Guitar Hero for Xbox 360. There is Guitar Hero One, Two, and Three. There is also Guitar Hero the Beatles and Aerosmith.

How many gutiar hero games are there?

Depends on which system. There is 4 for PS2 not sure if rock band counts but other than that theres -- Guitar hero, Guitar hero2, guitar hero3, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero rock the 80's, guitar hero aero smith ( which i finally beat on expert =] got the achivment took my forever), and i don't no if they made a 70's but i don't think they did

How many Guitar Hero where made?

Guitar Hero is made at the Activision studios I would assume.

How many guitars you can use in Guitar Hero?

Well, that depends on which game it is. Guitar Hero I and II can only use two guitars. Guitar Hero 3 can use two guitars, but Guitar Hero: World Tour can use a whole band set of two guitars, a microphone and a drum set. Though it is rumored you can use up to 3 guitars in Guitar Hero 5. Even still, the majority of these games limit it to two guitars.

How many Guitar Heroes are there?

There 12 are including: Guitar Hero (PS2) Guitar Hero II (PS2,XBOX 360) Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (PS2) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades (DS) Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Modern Hits (DS) Guitar Hero: Metallica (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii) Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (PS2,XBOX 360,PS3,Wii)

Where are Guitar Hero 3 cheats?

There are many gamer sites online devoted to home video games. A simple search will help find these sites that will allow for cheat codes for Guitar Hero 3. Follow the online instructions to get some additional help in passing boards in Guitar Hero.

How do you play Nintendo DS on Nintendo wii?

You cant play the DS on your Wii, but a lot of the games you can play on your DS, you can play on the Wii, like American idol, guitar hero, cooking mama, carnival games, and much more you can play on both. but however you cant play you actual ds on your wii. Also, many ds games are available as Wii Ware.

Can I learn to play an instrument using a video game?

Some games, such as Guitar Hero, are played with a guitar controller. It is not a real guitar. There are many computer programs avaible to teach a variety of instruments, although they are not specifically video games.

How many guitar hero games are there for Playstation 3?

If you count the new one "Warriors of Rock" there are 9 i think.

How many DS games require the Game Boy slot that is not available on the DSI?

just guitar hero. the gba games are good though seeing as you can buy them for about a fiver and they're quite fun. but yeah, only guitar hero is what your missing out on. and it's rubbish on the ds.

Can Guitar Hero infuence you to be in a band?

yes. many people might think about starting a band after playing guitar hero.

Where can one buy Guitar Hero for Xbox?

There are a variety of retail locations that one could find and buy Guitar Hero for Xbox. Guitar Hero is a popular video game, and so it is widely offered in many stores. Many places, such as Best Buy and Walmart, would have Guitar Hero for sale. It can be bought at places such as those locations.

Do people around the world play Guitar Hero?

Yes, many people around the world play Guitar Hero. It has an international following.

Great games for teenagers?

A good game that is popular among teenagers is Guitar Hero. This is one that comes to mind, there are many others.

How many games were made for the Nintendo 64?

There are 387 Games in Nintendo 64.

Who created Guitar Hero?

Many companies have helped in the making of the Guitar Hero series, but the first I believe to actually created it is Red Octane. In the first game I believe the only company was Red Octane. Then through out the games, more companies came in.

Where can someone view videos for Guitar Hero 2?

There are many video hosting websites on the internet that can offer videos for Guitar Hero 2. The most popular video hosting website for Guitar Hero 2 is YouTube however.

Will a rock band guitar work for Guitar Hero iii on ps2?

No. Fender Stratocaster controllers (a.k.a. "Rock Band Guitars") WILL NOT function on Guitar Hero games for their respective systems as of May 2008. However, Gibson Les Paul or X-plorer controllers (a.k.a. "Guitar Hero Guitars") WILL function with Rock Band games on the Xbox 360 system and, in fact, are the preferred interface of most players due to the controllers' familiar and more responsive layout. The Gibson Les Paul "Guitar Hero" controller for the PS3 system will not function with Rock Band on the PS3. The Gibson SG "Guitar Hero" controller and its many variants may or may not function with Rock Band on the PS2.

Can you play xbox live 2 player mode?

Yes, but not with many games. Only rockband, guitar hero,and i think halo 3.

Can you use a Guitar hero 3 wireless controller for Xbox 360 with Guitar hero 2 for Xbox 360?

yes... remember xbox 360 can play many of the original xbox games.... i think that it may be true for this case.... so yea itll work..

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