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Which country is Honda accord made in?

Accords are made in China, the US, India, Thailand and Japan. All the Accords sold in the US are made in Marysville, Ohio.

Is the Honda Accord all wheel drive?

No, not Accords sold in the U.S. They are all front wheel drive.

How many Honda Accords have been sold in 2013?

They sold 366,678 in 2013 in the USA. Sales were up 10.5% over 2012. Second only to the Toyota Camry in Midsized car sales.

What is the difference between a 1991 Honda Accord LX and an LXI?

It was sold in a different country. In the third-generation Accord "LX" means it has a carburetor and "LXI" means fuel injection. Fourth-generation Accords are all fuel injected, so they sold them as LX in some countries and LXI in others.

How many Honda Accord cars are made in the US each year?

All Accords sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S. Last year, 2013 a grand total of 466,695 Honda Accord sedans and coupes were produced at Honda's plant in Marysville, Ohio.

Are all Honda Accords imported from japan?

No, none of the Honda Accords sold in the United States are imported from Japan. All of them are built in the U.S. Honda builds the Accord in Marysville, Ohio. In fact almost all Honda's sold in the U.S. are built in the U.S. The Civic is built in Greensburg, Indiana. The Odyssey, Pilot, & Ridgeline are built in Lincoln, Alabama. The CRV, & Element are built in East Liberty, Ohio. The Fit is imported from Japan but will be imported from Mexico starting in 2014. Honda also builds most of their motorcycles sold in the U.S, in the U.S. Even most of their lawn mowers, outboard motors, and generators are built here.

How many 1997 Honda Del Sol's were produced?

Honda Del Sol's sold in the US in 1997 1997 = 5,603 Del Sol's were sold.

How many Honda city models were sold in 2007?

honda city 2007 vabs vehicle sancer gaygram

What Asian cars are sold in US?

Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura and many.

How many band-aids sold in 1991?

No one knows.

How many cars does Honda sell a year?

The amount of cars Honda sells varies each year. In 2013 Honda sold 1.2 million vehicles. Honda was founded in 1948 and is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo.

How many Infiniti Q-45s were produced in 1991?

There were 14707 sold in North america for the 1991 model year.

How many super soakers were sold in 1991-1992?

they sold exactly 9,795,905 through out 7 contents and 135 countries.

How many cc is in a 13.5 hp Honda engine?

honda 13hp gx390 engine is 389cc but honda have change a lot of rated hp of late for example the gx270 was sold as a 9hp engine but now being sold as a 8.5hp and the gx390 is now sold as 11.7hp i sell engine in my store over in the philippines i have a loncin 13hp there which is 375cc and a 14hp which is 414cc

How many Honda crvs sold in 2012?

U.S. Sales - 281,652 Canadian - 33,339 Total - 314,991

When was Honda Accord first sold in us?

1976 was the first year is was sold in the U.S.

What are some of the models of cars sold by Honda USA?

Honda USA distributes many models, such as the Civic, Accord, Crosstour, Insight, and Fit. Most of these are available in a wide range of colours, and can be found at most Honda dealers.

How many albums have the smashing pumpkins sold?

It is estimated that The Smashing Pumpkins have sold 20 million albums worldwide. Their first album, Gish, was released in 1991.

Who make Honda car?

Honda Motor Company. The American sold Accord is built in Marysville, Ohio.

Where can one get a Honda Metropolitan?

A Honda Metropolitan is a moped which is sold and manufactured by Honda Motors. One can purchase a Honda Metropolitan directly from a Honda dealer. Using the tool on the Honda website, one can locate the nearest dealer.

When was Felicity Merriman first sold?


When was the civic type r sold in uk?

The Honda Civic Type R was sold in the UK in 2001.

What was the first year that Honda sold a motorcycle in the US?


Is Honda junk?

No, Honda is consistently one of the most reliable and dependable manufacture of automobiles and motorcycles sold today.

When was the Honda civic invented?

The very first Honda Civic was introduced July 1972 but sold as a 1973 model.