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At least 10 million, at the end of the Spanish conquest that numbered but down 90%! due to infections brought, like smallpox, measles, abuse of the Indians and killed by the Spaniards during

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When did the Incas learn mathematics?

between the 1500 and 1600 maybe

How old are the Incas?

The aztecs hight of civilization was in 1200-1500.

When did the Incas exist?

1100- 1500 then it got conquered by spanish conquistadors

When did the Incas collapse?

it collapsed around 1500 - 1520 A.D. - and guess by who - the spanish!

What is Incas?

A people that lived in South America from 200 before Christ to 1500 after Christ.

What did Incas do?

the Incas conquered many civilizations.they invented popcorn

What does the computer specialist Incas provide?

Unable to find a company named InCas. There are many things that the word incas could mean, but there are no computer companies who use the name InCas.

What animals did the Incas hunt?

The Incas hunted Deer squirrels and many people in there tribes for food

Did the incas participate in the little big horn?

No. The warriors were Lakota Sioux, around 1500, around 450 Cheyenne, and a few Arapahoes.

What religion did the Incas follow?

the religion that the incas had was that they belived in many gods and reincarnation and mainly their sun gods

How many years were between the defeat of theAztecs and the Incas?

It would be five years to defeat the Incas and the Mayas.

What are some facts about the Incas?

The Incas invented many wind and percussion instruments. The flute was a popular instrument.

Who did the Incas interact with?

incas interact with other incas and animals posted by Cody incas interact with other incas and animals posted by Cody incas interact with other incas and animals posted by Cody incas interact with other incas and animals posted by Cody

Did the Incas have a rituals?

yeah in fact they had many

How many Incas were there?

over one million

How many Incas were in the imperial army?


Occupation of many ancient incas?


How many Gods did Incas worship?


How many months did the Incas Have in their calendar?


How many Incas did the Spanish kill on November 16 1532?

Around 2000 Incas killed, 5000 taken prisoner.

If i had 1500 meters how many kilometers is it?

1500 meters how many kilometers?

What did incas were?

The Incas were clothes

What did the Incas trade?

The Incas traded many things with native people in different regions. The Incas traded things they considered sacred such as quinoa, chia seeds, and above all else gold.

What was the occupation of many ancient Incas?

They mostly did herding.

How many incas were killed by small box?


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