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in the ninties there were between 1,000 to 10,000 left. now there is only between 500 and 1,000

this is sooo not true


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There are many python species - including... Burmese Pythons, Reticulated Pythons, Royal Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Childrens Pythons, Blood Pythons, & Indian Pythons

Indian pythons live in India and southeast Asia

from some assesments Indian pythons are found to be near threatened.

There is no official data as to how many pythons are left in the world. However, there are still hundreds of thousands of pythons in the wild and just as many in captivity.

they are trying to take care of the indian pythons

Burmese pythons live all over the world and it is impossible to determine how many of them are left in the wild. Many of their habitats are not out in the open so there is not even an estimate of how many there are.

they live in the world because of poachers

Indian Pythons grow to roughly four metres (13 feet) - Burmese Pythons slightly larger at five metres (16 feet)

there are not to many pythons lots are endangered

it lays eggs like all pythons do

the snake can bite some times you will be scard

Pythons don't have feet, they can't leave any. However the marks left behind in the sand are lines going left/right

Pythons can lay between 6 and 12 eggs in each clutch.

Well how am i ment to know go and look it up in the Book

There are 5000 reticulated pythons in the world.

The spurs on pythons are called Pelvic Spurs. They are attached to what is left of the femur and pelvic girdle in Boas and Pythons. The males use them to tickle the females during courtship.

Pythons are the number one consumer of plastic bags in the world. India imports the largest sum of plastig bags globally for this reason. India averages 3 Pythons per square foot.

no there not there found in the bush on the ground

There are about 51,009 types of pythons. The largest is the reticulated python.

There are about 60,000 indian leopards legt in wild

The Indian Python was put on the endangered list June 14th 1976 - See related link for full details.

The current population of the Indian Elephant is in the range of 20,000-25,000

they are actually dumped tere they are from southeast asia when people come wirth the burmese pythons they are left my friend had one live in his garage

Australia. They are small pythons related to Children's pythons (named for the man that discovered them, nothing to do with kids), Anthill pythons, Spotted pythons, and others.

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