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There are no precise records of the number of Jews at the time of the Exodus.

However Exodus 12:37, says 600,000 walking men plus children. In the census taken about a year after the Exodus, recorded at Numbers 1:2, 3, 45, 46, there were 603,550 males (20 years old and older) plus 22,000 male Levites over one month old (Numbers 2:32, 33; 3:39) So how many women would be with 600,000 men? How many children would there be in a typical Jewish family at that time? If all the men had one wife, that would make 1,200,000 adults. If each of the 600,000 families also had three young children with them, that would be 1,800,000 children. Of course, many Jewish families would have had more than three children. However, by the time of the Exodus, many of these children would be adults!

We can see that it gets very difficult to estimate how many Jews in total. If we take the arbitrary figure of 3 children accompanying each family, then, by adding all the children to all the adults we get 3,000,000 people, i.e. Jews that came out with Moses. In addition, though not asked in the question, there were many non-Jews who also came out of Egypt with the Jews, See Exodus 12:38.

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Q: How many Jews came out of land Egypt with Moses?
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Is Jerusalem in the land of goshen?

No, Jerusalem is in Israel, the Land of Goshen is/was an area in northeast Egypt where the Jews were held in slavery before Moses lead them out.

Was Moses mother a slave?

The Jews were slaves in the land of Egypt for decades. So both his father and mother were slaves.

Why is Moses important in Christianity?

Moses was a great prophet and a good leader. he lead the Jews from slavery in Egypt to the outskirts of the promised land. He got the ten commandments from God.

Why did moses lead the Hebrews out of egypt?

Moses lead the Hebrew people out of the land of Egypt to the promised land of Canaan , as God told Moses to do so.

Why were the Hebrews treated harshly in Egypt?

This is because they had all the wealth because they are smart people. Te pharaoh/ king of Egypt became scared that Jews would take over so he tried to execute them. Luckily Moses came a long and gave them their promised land. Hope this helps!

Enslaved Africans saw similarities between their situation and the Bible's account of...?

Jews in Egypt. They waited for their "Moses" to lead them on an "Exodus" to the "Promised Land".

Where in did Moses leave when he left Egypt?

Moses after he fled Egypt , after slaying a Egyptian fled to the land of Median.

When did the Jews get to the promised land?

The Jews got into the promise land after the death of Moses. Thirty-nine years after Moses received the law Joshua lead them into the promise land. Moses died right before that (1240 B.C).

Did Moses enter the Promised Land of Canaan?

A:If there was an Exodus from Egypt as described in the Bible, Moses did not enter the promised land, dying before God allowed the Israelites to enter the Promised Land. If, as the strong consensus of scholars says, there was no Exodus from Egypt as described in the Bible, Moses did not enter the promised land because Moses was not a real, historical person.

What role did Moses play in Jewish history?

Moses is the person who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land. He was also the greatest prophet for us Jews and God gave us the Torah through him.

Was Moses with the hebrewpeople in the desert?

Yes Moses was with the Hebrew people in the desert, he was with them from the time they left Egypt till they reached near the promised land. There were two and a half million Jews not a easy job.With their grumbling.

Who lead judaisam?

Judaism is the faith of the Jews. Followers of the God Jehovah, Yahweh. The Jews consider the father of their faith to be Moses, who led the Jews from a captivity in Egypt about 4500 years ago, to their "Promised Land" in what is to day called Israel.

Why is Moses so important to the Jews?

Moses freed the Jews from their evslavement in Eygpt and lead them to their promised land of "Milk and Honey".

Why did Moses lead God's people out of the land of Egypt?

God had heard the Israelites prayers and moses had run away from Egypt after he had killed one of the guards so god told moses to go back to Egypt to free his people. Since Pharaoh refused to free them god sent 10 plagues on to Egypt and finally Pharaoh let the Israelites go free. Moses led them out of Egypt and after he had died Joshua took over and led them to the land that God had promised them. Alternate answer: according to the bible, the Jews were slaves in Egypt; naturally they wished to escape from slavery and become free people.

Why did moses and his followers leave Egypt?

Moses and the followers left Egypt as they were free from slavery, and went forward to the promised land.

Land from which Moses led his exodus?


How many miles from Egypt to Promised Land?

It is approximately 230 miles from Egypt to the Promised Land. Moses led many people from Egypt to the Promised Land.

Why do Jews not eat leaven during pesach?

Jews do not eat leavened bread on Passover (Pesach) because it reminds Jews of when Moses led the Jews to escape from Egypt to the Holy Land. When the Jews escaped Egypt, they were in such a hurry that their bread did not rise yet. So they brought their unleavened bread with them as sustenance. The unleavened bread is now what we call "matzah," the unleavened bread eaten on a Passover seder.

Where did Moses lead the slaves to?

Moses lead the slaves out of Egypt and to the border of the promised land.

Where does Moses lead the Hebrews to?

Moses leads the people from egypt to the border of the Promised land.

What was Tacitus opinion about the exodus of the Jews from Egypt?

Cornelius Tacitus was born 55AD, was a senator under Vespasian 69AD. Wrote a book called "Histories and Annuls " which covers the time period between the - Death of Nero and The death of Domitian. In this book he acknowledges: That there was a plague in Egypt - which caused bodily disfigurement The Jews were expelled from Egypt and their leader was Moses Moses found water in the desert when his people were dying of thirst 7 days after finding the water in the desert, the Jews conqured a new country That in that new land the Jews founded a city and dedicated a Temple That Moses introduced new religious practices to his people

The Exodus in the old testament refers directly to what?

The Exodus tells of Moses freeing the Jews from slavery in Egypt and their forty-year trek in the desert on way to the Holy Land. It was during this time that God revealed the Ten Commandments to Moses.

Where did Moses stay when he was exiled from Egypt?

The Land of Midian.

Who bought up your ancestors from the land of egypt?


Who killed Jews in the past like Hitler?

Ancient Egyptians used Jews as slaves and when the Jewish population outnumbered the Egyptian, all the Jewish babies were killed. The Jews were exploited for hard labor and they have been prosecuted throughout history. Moses led the Jews out of Egypt to the promise land.