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Catholics are Christians.

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Q: How many Latinos are catholic vs Christians in the US today?
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Do Christians use a rosery?

Not all Christians use a rosary but many Roman Catholic Christians do.

How many christians are Catholic?

around 1.2 billion

How many Christians are there today in the world?


Do orthodox christians and catholic christians share many beliefs and practices?

yes because the catholic church was once unirversal, then many trad. stated to branch out different christian faiths.

When was the period when many Christians broke away from the Catholic Church?


Of the 7 billion people in the world today how many are Christians?

Approximately 2 billion people in the world today are Christians.

How many Christians are there today?

About 2 billion (from Wikipedia).

What does Catequese mean?

it is religious school for catholic and christians and many more religions

How many percent are Christians in Philippines?

93% of Filipinos are Christian, the majority of them are Catholic.

Did all of today's religions come from the Catholic religion?

.Catholic AnswerIf by "all of today's religions" you are referring to the 30,000 protestant and non-denominational "Christians", then the answer would be "sort-of." If you are referring to all the religions of the world, then the answer is no. The answer to the first question I put as "sort -of" because many of the original protestants started out as Christians in the Catholic Church but left the Church to start their own religions, which they then labeled as "Christian not Catholic." In actuality, they were "heretics not Christians." The 30,000 denominations today are mostly offshoots of those original protestants or their offshoots. Since Martin Luther, Calvin, and Henry VIII started their own "churches" in the 16th century, everyone is trying to get into the act and start their own.

What is the difference between Lutheran and protestant?

A Lutheran is a Protestant, but not all Protestants are Lutheran. Protestants are non-Catholic Christians, such as Lutherans. However, Lutherans aren't the only non-Catholic Christians. There are many other non-Catholic Christians such as Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Mennonites.

Where are christians located today?

Many, many countries are predominantly Christian, but Christians exist all over the world today - there being some even in what are thought of as "Muslim" countries.

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