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How many Muslims are there in India?

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161 million Muslim (13.5% of India population), per Pew Forum study as of Oct 2009. see link below.

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What was the Muslims challenges living in India?

their are a lot of Muslims in India. i don't htink they have many problems. maybe that they could be thought as terrorists.

How many mislim in India?

Muslims make up about 20% of the population of India.

Islam to India?

India has some Muslims like 20% Muslims.

When did Muslims dominate India?

The Muslims dominated India during the Maghul Empire.

How many Muslim Indian has?

There could be three million Muslims in India.

What religion is India?

India is predominately Hindu, but there are also many Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and a smattering of Christians.

Why did India turn into India and Pakistan?

There was a lot of conflict between Muslims and Hindus in the bigger India. So, Muslims divided from the rest of India, creating Pakistan.

Why were Muslims able to conquer India with such little difficulty?

Why were Muslims able to conquer India with such little difficult

What role did Allama Iqbal play in uplifting the Muslims of India?

He solved much of Muslims problems and awaken all the Muslims spirits of India by his poetry

Which group of Muslims were pushed into India?

The Ahmadi's were the group of people pushed towads India as they are not considered true Muslims.

Who did the Muslims conquer Persia from?

the british, they owned many countries such as India and Egypt back then

What problems do Indian Muslims face?

Indian Muslims don't face any problems in India. They practice their ritual worships freely with no problems. India is a democratic country and don't oppress Muslims. They may have side problems regarding marriage rules and unavailability of many mosques. India is having the world largest percentage of Muslims in a non Islamic country (over 10%).

What country has the most Muslims?

Indonesia has the most muslims.Muslims started Islam in the Arabian Peninsulia.India

Why is the percentage of Muslims in Pakistan so high?

Pakistan used to be part of India. At the time that India ceased to be a British colony, a religious war broke out between the Hindus and Muslims of India, and the Muslims (who were outnumbered) fled to the north, creating a Muslim enclave which seceded from India.

What nationality are most Muslims?


Why did India and Pakistan break apart?

India was mostly Hindu. The Muslims in India, who were about 22 percent of the population, demanded their own exclusive country. So the British formed a new country for the Muslims, Pakistan, from which the non-Muslims were evicted.

How many Muslims in India compared to Malaysia?

Muslims in India (although they are minority) are around 10 times Muslims in Malaysia (although they are majority). According to Pew Forum study as of oct 2009, Muslim population in India is 161 millions (13.4% of total population) while Muslim population in Malaysia 16.6 millions (60.4% of total population).

How did Muslims intially treat conquered peoples in India?

Muslims destroyed indian temples

How many years did muslims rule over india?

The Muslim rule in India lasted for almost 1000 years until the Britons invaded the subcontinent.

Are most Muslims Arabs?

No, The Arab Muslims constitute only around 15% of World Muslims. Most Muslims are in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

When India was divided what was Pakistan designated for?


What religion outnumbered the Muslims in India?


Who is the second largest community in India?


Are Muslims and Hindu enemy?

No Hindu and Muslims are not enemies. They are friends if they agree. Pakistan and India must be friends.

What is the population of Muslims in India?

As of October 2009, current population of Muslims in India is 161 millions (about 13.4 % of India population and about 10.3 % of world Muslim population).see related link for more information.

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