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How many O rings are there in the AC system of a 95 Lincoln town car including the compressor and condensor?

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there is 2 o-rings at each connection

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How do you identify refrigerant type in home AC system?

Your condensor outside , where the compressor is . should have an information plate showing the type of refrigerant used

Jeep ac condensor keeps cycling on and off?

The a/c compressor will cycle back and forth if the system is low on freon or you have electrical problems..........

Where is the radiator on a 02 Lincoln ls?

On a 2002 Lincoln LS : The radiator for the engine coolant system is located at the front of the engine compartment ( the air conditioning condensor will be in front of the radiator )

How much AC oil needed if condensor replaced on 1998 ford tarus?

If system has been opened i.e. compressor change then system will have to be evacuated before charging - a professional should perform this service

Where is the ac unit located at in a 2002 Chrysler concord?

what part of the system? evap. blower motor in car. compressor dryer orfice hose assembly condensor under hood

How much freon does a 1992 Lincoln Town Car take after the compressor is replaced when it does not say on the compressor?

Your 1992 Lincoln Town Car takes 2.5 pounds of R-12 refrigerant or 2.75 pounds R-134 (if system converted)

What needs to be replaced if your 1995 Lincoln Town Car AC was charged and no longer blows cold air after a couple of months?

Check hoses, compressor, evaporator and condenser for leaks. also check pressure s put gauge on sytem make sure you don't have a plugged system condensor or expansion valve or orfice tube

Should I repair the broken compressor on my 4 year old 5 ton York central AC system or replace the entire condensor unit?

it is realy hard to answer these types of ?'s without looking at your system i suggest trusting your gutt and your tech

Where is the air conditioning system in the Pontiac fiero?

The air conditioning system is behind the dash like all other cars. The compressor, however is mounted on the engine, in the rear of the car, with refrigerant lines running up to the evaporator/condensor up front.

Why does your air ride compressor stay running on your 1998 Lincoln Navigator it is new?

The compressor will stay running only because there is a leak in the air system somewhere and the compressor is trying to play catch up.It will burn out if left to run continuously ...

How do you change 97 Nissan sentra ac expansion valve and where is located?

The TXV will be located on low pressure side somewhere between compressor and condensor You need to recover the frion from system before servicing the TXV Tip: The compressor is belt driven off the engine and has 2 hoses leadind to it

Can you mix r12 with R134?

No, if you mix them they will gel and ruin the compressor and other components. Also, the oil that is used in the r12 system is not compatible with r134a and will not flow thru the system properly causing the clutch on compressor to not disengage. If you decide to retro fit your vehicle your need to replace compressor, orfice, condensor, the fittings and evaporator, so pretty much all the components and the system need to be evacuated and vacuumed so there willnot be any moisture or air in the system. And keep in mind r134a does not get as cold as r12

What is the difference between split and window Aircondition?

A window a/c is a self-contained unit. The condensor, evaporator and compressor are all in the unit. A split system is the common central air unit you see on most homes. The evaporator coil is located at the furnace withe the system fan, while the compressor and condensing coil are outside the house. This is a simple explaination, but I .

Where is the air suspension compressor located on a 1998 Lincoln navigator?

The compressor is located on the front passenger side of the engine compartment just in front of the battery. (man, have we had problems with the whole suspension system!)

Replacing Air conditioner on 2004 Lincoln LS?

The compressor, along with several other parts make up the ac system. The most common part to go bad and need replacing is the compressor.

Why 1999 Lincoln Town Car air suspension compressor keeps running?

Likely your system has a leak and the compressor can't keep up with the volume of the leak. <><><> Agree. The air bags in the suspension of ours had developed small holes, and the compressor could not keep up. Get that fixed before the compressor burns out.

Condensor or condenser which is the correct one to use regarding the outdoor unit for an air conditioning system?

CondenSER is correct. CondenSOR is not a real word. Regards!

What is the responsibility of a compressor in an air conditioner system?

what is the responsibility of the compressor in the air condition system

To change the compressor on a system containing R-410A you must isolate the compressor then?

To change the compressor on a system containing R-410A you must isolate the compressor then?

Where is the low press side on condensor on 95 yukon?

The condenser does not have a low pressure side, because the condenser is not on the low pressure side of the system - it is on the high pressure side, and refrigerant going into the system is at high pressure throughout the whole of the condenser. The high pressure side of an AC system begins at the compressor outlet and ends at the metering device inlet (refrigerant leaves the compressor outlet and goes directly into the condenser inlet). The low pressure side runs from the metering device outlet to the compressor inlet.

Air conditioning compressor oil capacity for 1995 Cadillac Eldorado?

Oil capacity for the complete system is 8 ounces. The breakdown is 2 oz. in the compressor(or the exact amount you remove from same. The evaporator core holds 3 oz. , the condensor core holds 1 oz. and the accumulator holds 2 oz.

Why is your 1988 Chevrolet 1500 air conditioner compressor locking up?

i take it that its locked up more than once . it could be that metal matter isn't getting flushed out of system when installing new compressor or its always running high pressures from not enough air flow thru condensor . if compressors lock up in less than a year of each other, it is metal in system

Can you use the ac recharge kit sold at walmart to recharge a 2002 Pontiac grand am air conditioner?

You sure can. Just be careful to follow the directions closely and not overcharge your system. Watch for condensation (sweating) on the low pressure tube leading back to the compressor (do not touch the hot tube coming out of the compressor towards the radiator/condensor coil), and when it is cold and sweating, you have enough R-134a in the system.

My aircompressor is down on my air ride system in my 1994 Lincoln mark eight how can i air it up with out the compressor?

check the override switch and make sure that it did not get switched off if it is on you will more than likely need to replace the compressor

Can you use a condensor designed for R22 with an evaporator designed for R410A?

It depends on what you want to do with the sytem. If it is and older condensor contact the supplier and ask for specifications on what the condensor does in 410A. It only depends on the different pressures in the system en the condensoing capacity at R410A.