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A lot. In Japan, Shonen Jump has been around since at least the 60s, so there may well be over a hundred manga titles, with about maybe 10 a year.

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What is Shonen Jump?

Weekly Shonen Jump is a Japanese magazine, containing many different manga (Japanese comics) such as Naruto, Bleach, OnePiece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Black Cat, Reborn, and Gin Tama to name a few. The most popular manga are made into manga volumes.Shonen Jump in America is a magazine distributed monthly, containing 7 manga (currently, those manga are Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Tegami Bachi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Karakuridoji Ultimo, and Yu-Gi-Oh!). Note that the American Shonen Jump is highly censored when it is translated from the Japanese version, although sometimes the censoring is removed when the translated manga are made into volumes.

How many Naruto Shonen Jump books are there?


How many books are in the bleach series?

So far, only 38 volumes of the Bleach manga has come out. If you read Weekly Shonen Jump, they are probably farther into the chapters. If you read the manga for free online, they'd be around volume 41.

What is animะ€ or manga?

Anime is the japanse genre of animated series created based on : - novels -light novels -manga Manga is the Japan version of comics , it is usually in black and white with some colored pages at the beginning or in the covers just for the aestethic , a manga is read as a book while anime is watched as a series

What type of manga is the most popular?

Shonen manga is by far the most popular demographic; the top selling shonen publication, Weekly Shonen Jump, has a circulation approximately three times that of Ciao, the most popular shojo publication, and Young Magazine, the most popular seinen publication. Shojo and seinen have comparable sales figures. As a result, many genres popular in shonen series are popular overall; these include sports, fighting, and action series. The vast majority of shojo series are romance-oriented.

What are the animes that shonen jump make?

Naruto,Bleach,one piece and many more

What is Naruto Shonen Jump?

It's one of the most popular Shonen Jump Ninja Manga. It's about the Ninjas: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke, and their Sensei, Kakashi; They live in Konohakagure and face all threats through A, B, C, D,and S Ranked Missions trying to protect the Universe from Rogue Ninjas, Evil Rulers, and many other enemies.

How many manga are there in Japan?

Well manga originated in Japan, so it's impossible to give an exact or estimated number.

Where can manga scans be read online legally and for free?

When the mangas are scanned and posted online at fan sites without the consent of the publishers, then they are illegally posted. WikiAnswers does not support this practice. Your best legal option is probably to go directly to the publishers web site. Many manga publishers, such as TokyoPop and Shonen Jump, do upload manga to the internet to be read for free. See the related links below for more information.

Has Fullmetal Alchemsit manga ended in shonen jump and how many chapers has been made?

No, it hasn't. so far, there's been 103 chapters out. im pretty sure its gonna end soon. you can read it on Mangareader or Mangafox (best sites). hope that helped :P

How many real Egyptian God cards are there?

If you're referring to the legal versions, two have been released so far as Effect Monsters. Obelisk the Tormentor was released as a Shonen Jump Promo in January 2010. The Winged Dragon of Ra was released as a Shonen Jump Promo in January 2011. Though it hasn't yet been confirmed, it's likely that the third and last Egyptian God card, Slifer the Sky Dragon, will be released as an Effect Monster and Shonen Jump Promo in January 2012.

Is their any lolicon website you can download eng manga?

English Manga is available in print and on the Internet. Manga is a type of Japanese cartoon that is very popular in Japan and many other countries.

Where in japan is manga made?

Well it's mass produced in many different factories.

What is a really romantic manga?

Well, there are many mangas that can be classify as romantic. It all depends in the persons preferences that includes the following: -Your taste for the art: If the art is decent or it sucks. -Your taste in the writing or literature: How much you like the story or it simply stupid. -what genre you prefer: There are Shonen manga that is a kind of manga more for men, but it can also includes romance. Shojo manga that is for girls; shojo ai or Yuri that is girl to girl manga, and shonen ai-yaoi that is the type of manga that refers to man to man relationships. There are many other genres that might interst you, but the best way to find a romantic manga that fit your taste is to go to any manga wedpage where you can read them online for free, and choose what gerne of manga you looking for. One of the best manga wedpage is and this wedpages give you the chance to choose what you are looking for. Recommended mangas could be: Lovely Complex, Street Cat, any manga made by CLAMP, Ane Doki, Kaichou WA Maid-sama!, Fruit Basket, etc.

Is Manga used for anything other than entertainment in Japan?

yes. there are many educational manga ranging from art instruction to manuals about sexual relations.

How many Naruto volumes will there be?

I'm not sure, but shonen jump will try to have masashi kishimoto write as much as possible, so there will be at least three years worth of volumes.

Is there a rivalry between Japanese manga publishers similar to the rivalry between Marvel and DC comics and who is better?

Oh, there are definitely rivalries. Some of the manga publishers I know who are competing in such a way are Shonen Jump!, Shonen Sunday, and Shojo Beat. Shonen Jump seems to be tha most popular one at the time, though, and it's also the most famous. Shounen Jump, etc mentioned above are comic magazine titles, not manga publishers. Shueisha Inc. 集英社 publishes Weekly Shounen Jump, Akamaru Jump, etc. Other publishers are Kodansha 講談社, which organizes the annual Kodansha Manga Award, and is well-known for publishing the Weekly Shounen Magazine and Monthly Shounen Magazine. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon ball are some some notable series published by Shueisha. Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump was the younger upstart established later than Kodansha's that aims to be Kodansha's rival. Shueisha recently ended its Monthly Shounen Jump series, which was obviously a counterpart to match Kodansha's Monthly Shounen Magazine. Nodame Cantabile, xxxHolic, Boys Be, Initial D, Fairy Tail are some notable series published by Kodansha. Other publishers include Hakusensha 白泉社, publisher of the well-known Lala magazine (Ouran High School, Skip Beat!, Vampire Knight), which separated from Shueisha, Shougakukan 小学館, famous for publishing Doraemon and Pokemon series, and many others. Many of these publishers do not just publish comics, they have other lifestyle magazines and publications such as novels.

What is Japan famoes for?

The most popular things that Japan is famous for are things like sushi, anime and manga, as well as many companies such as Toyota and Honda.

Is Manga popular in the UK?

There are manga fans in the UK, and though we do not have as many fans at the US/Japan, popularity of anime and manga has shot up recently. The most prominent fandoms are Hetalia and Black Butler (as far as I have seen).

How many manga volumes of Inuyasha are there?

There will be 56 volumes in total. The 56th volume will be out in Japan in January 2009.

Is japan famous for anything?

Japan is famous for so many things. Some of the popular things associated to Japan include Godzilla, Hello Kitty, anime, manga, cars and sushi among so many others.

What is Masashi Kishimoto's background?

Masashi Kishimoto (岸本斉史, Kishimoto Masashi) born November 8, 1974 in Okayama Prefecture Japan, is the creator and author of the popular manga and anime Naruto. He debuted as a mangaka (Japanese cartoonist) with his work Karakuri, which was submitted to Shueisha in 1996. Beginning in 1999, his next work Naruto was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine. Kishimoto had received the Hop Step Award, which is given to new artists once a month by Shonen Jump. He also says that he was influenced by the Dragonball series and its creator, Akira Toriyama.His twin brother Seishi Kishimoto is also a manga-ka and the creator of 666 Satan. Their art has been remarked on as being very similar and accusations of plagiarism were made, either that Seishi had copied his brother or vice versa. However, Seishi notes in one of his manga volumes that the similarities are not intentional and that the occurrence would have been likely because both he and Masashi have been influenced by many of the same things. Masashi Kishimoto has publicly dismissed these accusations in his own manga.In his interviews and exclusively in the Naruto manga, he commonly mentions his deceased plant, Ukki-kun.According to Kishimoto, the first time he had an office plant, due to missing the country atmosphere, he fed it undiluted plant food. He continued purchasing several other plants afterwards, but many of them perished.

Who owns Naruto Shippuden?

Well, besides the author, Masashi Kishimoto, who would own the manga and characters and so on, there's Shonen Jump and Shueisha Inc.... And, if you include the anime, Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo.Because so many people own Naruto there are many, many disclaimers to use if you want have any naruto material in a video and not have it removed. Such as--- Naruto & Naruto Shippuuden © Masashi Kishimoto, Shonen Jump, Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo, & Shueisha. All materials used belong to their rightful owners and I do not profit from this.OR-- This is a nonprofit, fan-made video that is in no way associated with the anime or music companies.You can also use the "fair use" disclaimer if it applies.

Of the titles serialized in the Shonen Jump Magazine which ones have you purchased?

DBZ, Naruto, Death Note, Bleach, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gin Tama, and many more!

What can you do at Japan?

You can visit the manga drawing museum, keep an eye open for their latest fashions, and do many other things.