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How many US Marines died on D-Day?


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I have numerous books on D-Day which say US Marines did not fight there. All 4 Marine divisions were active in the Pacific at that


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Nearly 15,000 US Marines were killed in the war.

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Approximately 391,000 US Marines served in the Vietnam War; approximately 14,838 US Marines died in Vietnam.

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Take it you mean US Marines? There were South Viet & South Korean (ROK) marines in country also. 391,000 US Marines served in South Vietnam, nearly 15,000 of them died there.

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6821 Americans died, but none of them were soldiers. Soldiers belong to the Army, and it was the US Marines who took Iwo Jima. So all the casualties were Marines, or medics serving with the Marines, who are US Navy Corpsmen. There were also 19,217 US wounded.

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38,209 US Soldiers died in Vietnam. The remaining 20,000 men were US Marines, Sailors, and Airmen.

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