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Santa Fe,New Mexico

Providence,Rhode Island

Pierre,South Dakota



Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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1) Alabama: Montgomery

2) Alaska: Juneau

3) California: Sacramento

4) Colorado: Denver

5) Georgia: Atlanta

6) Hawaii: Honolulu

7) Illinois: Springfield

8) Indiana: Indianapolis

9) Iowa: Des Moines

10) Kentucky: Frankfort

11) Louisiana: Baton Rouge

12) Maryland: Annapolis

13) Massachusetts: Boston

14) Michigan: Lansing

15) Minnesota: Saint Paul

16) Mississippi: Jackson

17) Missouri: Jefferson City

18) Montana: Helena

19) Nebraska: Lincoln

20) Nevada: Carson City

21) New Hampshire: Concord

22) New Jersey: Trenton

23) New Mexico: Santa Fe

24) New York: Albany

25) Rhode Island: Providence

26) Tennessee: Nashville

27) Texas: Austin

28) Vermont: Montpelier

29) Virginia: Richmond

30) West Virginia: Charleston

31) Wisconsin: Madison

32) Wyoming: Cheyenne

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· Belgrade, Serbia

· Boise, Idaho

· Cheyenne, Wyoming

· Gaborone, Botswana

· Harare, Zimbabwe

· Nashville, Tennessee

· Pierre, South Dakota

· Prague, Czech Republic

· Providence, Rhode Island

· Rome, Italy

· Sucre, Bolivia

· Tallahassee, Florida

· Vientiane, Laos

· Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

· Yaoundé, Cameroon

· Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

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There are 2 US state captals that begin with R. They are Raleigh, NC and Richmond, VA.

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Q: How many US capitals end in the letter e?
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