How many US ships are now produced?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many US ships are now produced?
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World War 2 US transport ships?

Were the mass produced US Liberty ships.

Who supplied the Liberty Ships during World War 2?

US and Canadian shipyards produced 2,710 Liberty Ships for the war effort.

How many naval ships were produced before and after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

101 ships were there. Hundreds (if you count minor vessels thousands) of naval ships were built by the US after Pearl and before the wars end. Sixty aircraft carriers to begin with.

How many ships does the US Navy had in 1916?

245 active ships

How many US naval ships were there during the cold war?

20 Ships

How many US ships were at Pearl Harbor?


How many fighter aircraft does the US Navy have?

The Air Force has Aircraft not Ships. The Navy has Ships.

Is thorium produced in the US?

Unites States is not a producer of thorium now.

How many ships sunk by submarines were returning to the us?


In the war of 1812 how many War ships did the US have?


How many ships should the US navy maintain?

At least 200

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