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How many WikiAnswers Contributors dislike the media?

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Many people dislike the media. There is probably no particular reason to think participants on this site feel much different than the general population.

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How many bronze contributors are there on WikiAnswers?


How many contributers are on WikiAnswers?

over 1 million contributors.

How old are WikiAnswers' contributors?

WikiAnswers contributors' ages can range from 10 - about 90 years old. It depends on the user, or what group of users. Many different people are many different ages, though.

How many people are on WikiAnswers at a time?

The number of online contributors to WikiAnswers varies. It can be up to thousands at peak times.

How many WikiAnswers contributors are mathematicians?

It would be very hard to say exactly how many, but there are many of us.

Does WikiAnswers really know all the answers?

No. WikiAnswers does not know all the answers. The WikiAnswers website only knows as much as the contributors that give the answers and the contributors only know so much since, as humans beings, we all still have questions about many different things that we can't find the answer to.But that doesn't mean the contributors on WikiAnswers don't have a great amount of knowledge to be shared.

Why does WikiAnswers answer so slow?

There are a lot of questions to be answered and only so many contributors.

Did WikiAnswers go to school?

WikiAnswers is a company, and companies do not go to school. However, the people who work for WikiAnswers did go to school, and many contributors that contribute here have been in school or are still in it.

How many Gold Contributors are on WikiAnswers?

Not sure about specific numbers - but I guess there'll be quite a few (including me !)

What is the average age of a WikiAnswers contributor?

The average of of a WikiAnswers contributor is quite difficult to determine, as there are many contributors. The median age is probably around the age of 45.

Who are some contributors that are trying to become Supervisors on WikiAnswers?

Many contributors who want to be Supervisors are SPAs- Special Project Assistants. See 'related questions' for a full list of SPAs.

Are questions on WikiAnswers answered by real people?

Yes! WikiAnswers is proud to have so many contributors from all walks of life and every continent of the world. We have contributors who are doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, law enforcement officials and many other groups of people.(See Related question for more information.)

How many Ruby Contributors are well known on WikiAnswers?

Well, all of the Ruby contributors are pretty well known; after all, they've been on the site long enough to have achieved 500,000 contributions.(See the Related question for the list of Ruby Contributors.)

A sentence with the word prolific?

There are many prolific contributors here at WikiAnswers. Prolific is an adjective meaning characterized by abundant productivity.

How many questions can you answer?

As many as you wish. See WikiAnswers Top contributors page to see the list of top answerers.Special:TopFarmers

Who has the least trust points on WikiAnswers?

Many contributors have zero trust points, so it would be very tedious to find and list them all.

Why is WikiAnswers not a good site for answers?

Anyone can edit answers on WikiAnswers. One way to check how legit a question is is by the number of trust points a person has. Below, you will see the contributors name and how many trust points they have.

How many non-Supervisors are there on WikiAnswers?

As of February 14, 2015, there are more than 54,263,517 registered contributors on WikiAnswers. If there are about 1,090 supervisors, there are at least 54,262,427 registered non-Supervisors on WikiAnswers. Do note this count reflects total accounts as opposed to unique registrants.

Why are you not a librarian?

Many of the contributors on WikiAnswers are librarians! And most of us are professionals working in areas that we answer questions in, or are very active in organizations that are related to the topics that we like to answer.

Why so many misspelled words here in WikiAnswers?

Because some contributors can't spelt some words correct, their might be bad at Literacy.

How many contributions do you need to reach the top of the WikiAnswers leaderboard in Questions?

As of December 15, 2010, the greatest number of questions asked by a single person on WikiAnswers is 17,729.(See the Related link to the top overall contributors.)

Why are there so many weird answers on here?

Many of the contributors on WikiAnswers are mindless, careless teenagers. People like them tend to write peculiar, ridiculous, and/or offensive questions and answers.

Who are WikiAnswers contributors that are good at math?

If you visit the Math leaderboard via the Match category page, you will see many great answerers for this month and previous months.

How many Gold contributors are there?

there are about 250 gold contributors.

Is WikiAnswers an electronic newspaper?

No, WikiAnswers is not a electronic newspaper. It is a Q&A (Question & Answer) site to share the knowledge. There are many contributors, WikiGuides, WikiGreeters, Vandal Protrol, Site Guardians, Supervisors, and more that help the site grow and stay ship shape.

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