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27. Although technically the first 10 are the Bill of Rights. The rest came after.

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How many changes or adments are there to the constitution?

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What part of the constitution is the adments found?

at the end

What do the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system have in common?

what are the common adments of the nervous system

How many votes by congress does it take to change the Constitution?

U can't change theConstitution it can only amended It takes 2/3 (66%) of the house and 2/3 (66%) Senate then after that 38 of the states have to vote for the amendment to pass. Only 27 adments have been made since 1776 (232 yr.)

Was democracy in jeopardy in World War 1?

That topic ws banned due to one of the thirteen adments so

How many type of constitution do you have?

we have two type of Constitution Direct constitution and Indirect Constitution that is type of constitution we have

How many methods are there to amend the Constitution?


Is the us the only country with a constitution?

No, many other countries have a constitution similar to the U.S. Constitution. There are to many for me to name.

How many reasons are given for the adoption of the constitution?

How many reason are giving for the constitution

How many changes can you make in the constitution'?

Unless a constitution forbids it, as many as you wish

How many amendments are there in constitution of India?

how many times Indian constitution is amended

How many pages are in the constitution?

there are four pages of the constitution

How many articles of constitution?

There are 3 articles in the Constitution.

How many changes or amendments can be made to the constitution?

How many changes or amendments can be made to the constitution

How many words are in article 3 of the Constitution?

How many words are in article 3 of the constitution

How many constitutions has the Philippines had?

1987 CONSTITUTION (present) 1986 provisional "freedom" constitution 1973 constitution 1935 constitution 1899 the malolos constitution

How many questions are in the constitution?

There are no phrases in the Constitution that are posed as questions.

How many amemdments are there to the U.S. Constitution?

There are 27amendents in the Constitution

How many amandments are there in the US Constitution?

There are 27 amendments to the Constitution.

How many rights are in the constitution?

The Constitution provides 27 rights.

How many member of constitution?

there are 207 members in constitution assembly

How many articles do you have in your constitution?

There are 395 articles in Indian constitution.

How many articles are in British constitution?

The UK does not have a written constitution.

How many amendments has the CA constitution had?

There are 27 amendments to the constitution.

How many amendments has the constitution had?

the constitution has 27 amendments since our founding fathers made the constitution

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