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There are about 100 airlines. These airlines include the area of United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are 26 airlines in the Caribbean and Central America.

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How many airlines are in America?

24 Airlines

What are the major airlines in the USA?

There are many different major airlines which are situated in the United States. Some of these airlines include SkyWest Airlines, Air Gumbo, ABX Air and many other airlines.

Which airlines are the primary users of the Boeing 757?

There are many airlines that primarily use Boeing 757 planes. These airlines include Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and UPS Airlines.

What are some airline industries?

American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, America Eagle Airlines, U.S Airways, and many more

How many airlines in China?

There are 39 airlines that are currently flying in, out, or around China. Some of these airlines have merged with other airlines.

Which airlines fly to rome?

There are many airlines, from different countries, which fly to Rome. Rome Airlines

How many airlines have all wide body fleet and name those?

There are many of airline nation wide. The name of some airlines are American Airlines, Southwest, Orbitz and United airlines.

What airlines in US fly to Singapore?

There is actually many US airlines that fly to Singapore. A few of the airlines are China Southern Airlines, Philippine Airlines, United Airlines, Multiple Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and EVA Air.

Which airlines offer travel to Canada?

Many airlines offer travel to Canada, such as: Air Canada, WestJet, Air Canada Jazz, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Southwest Airlines, or Alaska Airlines.

What airlines fly out of the Isle of Man Airport?

There are many popular airlines that fly to and from the Isle of Man airport. Some of the more famous airlines that fly to and from there are United Airlines and Southwest Airlines.

Which airlines fly to Sacramento in North America?

The airlines that fly to Sacramento (Sacramento International Airport SMF) in North America, USA include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Horizon Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, and many more smaller airlines.

How many pieces of luggage are allowed on southafrican airlines?

how many pieces of luggage are allowed on the southafrican airlines

What airline flies between Munich and Budapest?

Many european airlines offer flights between Munich and Budapest. Some of them are Swiss Airlines, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Polish Airlines among many others.

How many planes flew into the twin towers?

four commercial airlines: American airlines flight 11, united airlines flight 175, American airlines flight 77, united airlines flight 93

Which airlines from the US offer cheap flights to Stockholm?

There are many airlines from the US that offer cheap flights to Stockholm. Some of the airlines from the US that offer cheap flights to Stockholm are Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

What airlines fly in and out of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

There are many airlines that fly in and out of the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Some of those airlines are 'British Airways', 'American Airlines', 'Air Canada' and 'United Airlines'.

Which airlines offer flights from New York to San Diego?

There are many different airlines that offer flights from New York to San Diego. Common airlines include Delta Airlines as well as Southwest Airlines.

Is there a us airlines?

US Airways exists but is about to merge with American Airlines. If this is not the answer then there is not enough information to answer the question, because there are many US airlines.

What airlines fly in and out of the Calgary airport?

Many airlines fly in to and out of Calgary airport. These include WestJet, Air Canada, United Airlines, Delta, Alaska Airlines and US Airways.

Which airlines offer tours to Costa Rica?

There are many airlines that offer grand tours of the country of Costa Rica. These include, but are not limited to, Caravan, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines.

How many airlines companies in Netherland?

There are many airline companies in Netherlands including RIJNMOND AIR SERVICES B.V., LOT POLISH AIRLINES , QUICK HOLDING B.V. , TRANSAVIA AIRLINES C.V., and many others.

What airlines offer direct flights to Chicago?

There are many airlines that offer direct flights to Chicago. Many of these airlines include American Airlines, Copa, and Spirit. Depending on where the person wanting to directly fly to Chicago is at, depends on which airline to choose.

How many bags can you check on Northwest Airlines?

How many bags are you allowed check in on northwest airlines? Can you take a handbag on flight?

Do any airlines offer gift airline tickets?

Many of the major airlines do offer gift certificates; Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Virgin Blue, and American Airlines are some of the airlines that do sell gift certificates. When purchasing a gift certificate from an airline it is important to check the terms and conditions.

Which airlines fly out to London heathrow airport?

Many airlines fly out of London Heathrow Airport, so it is impossible to list all of them, but major airlines that fly out of Heathrow include British Airways, Lufthansa, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, American Airlines, TAP Portugal, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air New Zealand, South African Airways, KLM and many more.

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