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Prince has sold over 80 million records worldwide.

Prince has released 21 studio albums, 2 live albums, 5 compilation albums, and 6 soundtrack albums.

All Sales figures from only US, UK, and Canada. Figures under 1 million are not reported. 1979 - Prince - 1.25 Million1980 - Dirty Mind - 1 Million 1981 - Controversy - 1 million 1982 - 1999 - 6 million 1984 - Purple Rain - 22 million 1985 - Around the world in a day - 3 million1986 - Parade - 2 million 1987 - Sign O the times - 8 million 1988 - Lovesexy - 2 million 1989 - Batman - 2 million 1990 - Grafitti Bridge - 1.5 million 1991 - Diamonds & Pearls - 9 million 1992 - Love Symbol - 3 million 1993 - The Hits/B-Sides - 1.5 million 1994 - Come - 1 million 1995 - The Gold Experience - 1.5 million 1996 - Emancipation - 3 million 1999 - Rave un2 the joy fantastic - 1 million 2001 - The Very Best of Prince - 2.5 million 2004 - Musicology - 4 million2006 - 3121 - 2 million 2007 - Planet Earth - 2.8 million 2009 - Lotusflow3r - 1 million

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Q: How many albums has prince sold?
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