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About 85 amps for an average import motorcycle. Closer to twice that for a Harley-Davidson.

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Q: How many amps does a typical motorcycle starter draw?
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What is the Starter Cranking Amp Draw on a 1989 73 Diesel?

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What happens to the car when the battery has too many cranking amps?

Nothing at all. Increasing the cranking amps will not harm anything. The starter will only draw the amps it needs.

How many amps should a starter draw?

It depends on the size and type of the motor being started.

How many amps will a 24 volt dc motor draw if running at 12 volts?

Depends on how big the motor is. A stronger motor will draw more amps then a weaker or less efficient motor. For example a wiper motor draws far less then a starter motor.

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Divide the power rating (in watts) by the voltage (in volts). So if you use a 100 watt light bulb in a typical 110 volt lamp then it will draw 100/110 = .91 amps of current. Or plug a 1500 watt electric heater into a 110 volt wall socket and it will draw 1500/110 = 13.6 amps of current.

How many amps does a 1 hp motor draw?

How many amps does a 1 hp motor draw?

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FLA Amps are 30 amps

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How many amps does a deep freezer draw?

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Divide the wattage by the voltage - this equals amps.

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What draw in amps is a standard brake light?

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How do tell if the starter is going bad on a 1997 trans am?

You can pull it out and take it to most auto parts stores to have it tested, that is what I usually do. You can test it yourself with a volt meter. You need one that will test the amperage draw. I am not sure what the specs are for that starter. You can usually get the specs from your locol auto parts store. I think it has to be tested at the starter on the pos lead. As a starter wears, it will pull more amps then what the sytem can put out. Hight amperage draw means higher wear, or need for replacement. I hope this helps Ben

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An electrical device may draw amps, but there is not a device that equates to amps. Amperes are the measure of current flow in a circuit.

How many amps does a 60 watt flood lamp draw?

.5 amps With 120 volts

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8,33 Amps

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Amps for an oven are governed by the total wattage of the oven and what the voltage supply to the oven is.