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about 3-4 million cats and dogs each year :( <---sad face

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What is the exact amount of animals who were killed in shelters in the US?

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of which approximately 3-4 million are euthanized. However there is no way of finding out an exact number at this time because no central data reporting agency exists for shelters.

How many people are killed by animals in the United States each year?

There are an estimated 200 people that are killed by various animals in the United States each year. Some of the animals that kill people are rattlesnakes, spiders, and dogs.

How many dogs are put to sleep per second in shelters?

Every second, in the United States alone, at least 2 dogs are killed in shelters. That statistic comes from the ASPCA.

How many pets that are put in shelters are adoped?

In the United States, about half of all pets put in shelters are killed. The other half are either reunited with their families or are adopted by new families.

How many animals are killed in a year by gun?

about 20,000 just in the united states:(

How many pets are put down at a shelter each year?

In the United States, about 4 million pets are killed in shelters each year.

Should animal shelters be no kill?

In my opinion, yes. Animals should not be killed if they can't get adopted. Put it this way, if you were in a foster home and you couldn't get adopted, would you want to be killed? No, so why should the shelters kill the animals? Exactly, they shouldn't because that is called abuse. So final answer: All animal shelters should become no-kill animal shelters.

How many animals are hit by a car each year?

In the united states alone 400 million animals are hit and killed each year.

How many animals are killed for their fur every year?

This is what many animal shelters do on a very regular basis. ... Three to four million animals are killedby "shelters" each year, however, 17 million people are looking to bring an animal into their homes.

How many animals get killed illegally a year?

Approximately 10 billion land animals are killed every year for food in the United States, and 58 billion are killed worldwide.(Does not include: Sea creatures, wild animals killed by hunters, wildlife displaced by animal agriculture.)

How many animals are put to sleep each day in animal shelters?

20 animals each day in a shelter are killed

How many animals in animal shelters are killed a year?

2 out of 3 percent that's over half the animals in the shelter

How many animals were killed last year?

According to Farm Animal Rights Movement, approximately 10 billion land animals are killed every year for food in the United States, and 58 billion are killed worldwide.

Should Animals in Shelters be killed?

No,because thats mean and hurtful to the animals in the shelter and other people would like to adopt them

How many animals are killed each year in shelters?

8 millon a year :( 8 millon a year :(

Why animals should not be killed in animal shelters?

Because it's unfair and cruel. How would you like to be killed just because there's not room for you anymore?

How many stray animals die each year?

This changes upon which country or city it is; but the average amount of stray animals killed a year rounds up to 300 or 400 animals. And in 2008 USA, 2000 were killed in shelters.

What United States law was enacted in 1971?

The United States law that was enacted in 1971 was the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burros Act. This law protected the animals from being captured, branded, harassed and killed.

How many animals get killed from animal cruelty?

thousands of cats, thousands of dogs, thousands of farm animals. So that means that millions of animals are killed. Please donate to any animal shelters so they can help fight animal cruelty.

What are the statistics of animal cruelty?

There are a great number of different kinds of animal cruelty statistics that are available such as how many animals have been killed. There have been over 30,000 domestic animals killed by cruelty in the last decade in the United States alone.

How many kill shelters and non kill shelters in the US are there?

i believe there are too many kill shelters. just because dogs and cats are not adopted does not mean they need to be killed. they should have their lives spared. who ever kills these poor animals i hope you live miserably and the animals you kill shall haunt you forever.&gt;:E

Which country has the most people killed by firearms?

United States.

Why do dogs get killed in shelters?

Dogs are sometimes humanly euthanized in shelters because they have been there for awhile without anyone to adopt them and the shelter needs room for strays all the time because of the over population of animals. Getting animals spayed and neutered is an easy fix to this problem.

Are animals living in shelters in Canada being killed after a certain length of stay and if so by what method?

There are sadly tons and tons of shelters that humanely euthanize (Usually it is an injection into a vein) animals after a certain length of stay. There are so many animals that are going into shelters than there are being adopted. However there are also no kill shelters that will keep an animal as long as it takes to find it a home. If you have to bring an animal to a shelter please find out if it is a no kill shelter if it is find somewhere else that isn't.

How many people killed in the Philippines by United States?

8500 and above

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