How many animals live in the Mojave Desert?


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Around 1,450 animals live in the Mojave Desert.

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No census of the total numbers of reptiles has ever been made in the Mojave Desert as it would be virtually impossible to do so.

Mojave Desert - 25,000 square miles.Mojave Desert, USA - about 25,000 square miles.

1,468 different species of animals live in the desert

Fleas do not live in the desert per se. They live on animals as parasites and many times those animals are in the desert.

The Mojave Desert is much, much hotter that the Atacama Desert. It also receives considerably more rainfall as the Atacama receives virtually none. The rainier conditions allow for many more plants and animals to survive in the Mojave while the Atacama has few.

Yes, there are many cities and towns in the Mojave Desert with elementary schools, high schools, universities and colleges.

Many desert animals live underground, or spend most of the day in the shade of a rock or plant.

There are many animals that do not live in the desert. More than those which do live in the desert. Any animal which requires a lot of water, or is in the water a lot does not live in the desert.

The Great Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert are the deserts of Nevada.

There are many. There are not just animals they also have plants and many reptiles.

Many deserts have appeared in movies including the Sahara, the Arabian Desert, the Chihuahuan Desert, the Mojave Desert and the Sonoran Desert.

At 220,000 square miles the Great Victoria Desert is about 5 times greater in size than the Mojave Desert at 48,000 square miles.

California has one desert, the Mojave Desert, which includes Death Valley.

Desert animals usually have some way to live a long while without water. Most of them are nocturnal, and come out at night, when is is much cooler in the desert. Many also have a way to live with out food for a while as well. Desert animals also have rough scales, or fur.

There are very many animals which live in the desert and there is no single name for them all.

Major U.S. deserts:Chihuahuan DesertSonoran DesertMojave DesertGreat Basin DesertPainted Desert

The major deserts in the U.S. are: Great Basin Desert Chihuahuan Desert Sonoran Desert Colorado Plateau Desert Mojave Desert

Many People believe that Aboriganals live in the Simpson Desert, animals and park rangers live there and also Aboriganals.

There is no desert named the Saguaro Desert. However the saguaro cactus lives primarily in the Sonoran Desert.

Camels are just one of the many animals that live in the desert. They can last long periods of time without drinking water.

Major Deserts of the United States:Great Basin Desert Chihuahuan Desert Sonoran Desert Colorado Plateau Desert Mojave Desert

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