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The music industry has been going for so many years that it would be almost impossible to say how many artists it has produced.">">The music industry has Produced a different number of artists to the number of artists it has supported. Someone produced (or manufactured) would be Justin Bieber, someone supported would be blur.
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Q: How many artists has the music industry produced?
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Where can one find new rock music artists?

Many new and up-and-coming rock music artists are produced on independent music labels called indies. Canada's Independent Music Awards known as the Indies celebrates many of the brightest and best of new musicians. A full list of award winners and nominees can be found on the Indies website.

What music does the radio station live 105 play?

The radio station live 105 plays Modern Rock music from many different artists. The Modern Rock music is produced by musician nationwide and worldwide.

What is the city that produced many rennisance artists?


Are there gay people in the music industry?

Yes, there are many talented and creative gay people in the music industry.

Musical instruments in palawan?

Philippines is one of the countries which are rich in the field of music and many artists are well known in this industry. And one of its islands is Palawan that has a traditional music instrument called batungtung, bombo, agong, babandil, tipanu and many more.

What genre of music was popularized by many of the music artists in Nashville Tennessee?

Country music was popularized by many artists from Nashville, Tennessee. Examples are Waylon Jennings, George Strait, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty,, etc.

What are some music artists that are popular in Greece?

There are many music artists that are popular in Greece. This includes Alkinoos Ioannidis, Haris Alexiou, Katsimihas Brothers and Lavrentis Mahairtsas.

How much effect has 1960's music had on todays music?

many of the bands from the 1960s have inferenced many of todays artists

Did Elvis steal music?

Yes he did. Especially from black artist like Chuck Berry. Many white artists did it at this time because black artists were not recognized in mainstream music.

How does music piracy affect the artists?

It means people are not buying their records. They are getting them copied. So maybe not a lot, but a good 25% People erroneously think that all artists make millions. When 80% of the music industry today is made up by independent artists, this is no longer the case. Every download an artist gets means they can pay rent, feed their children and make a living. Making music costs money. Albums costs many thousands of dollars to create. Artists employ other artists, engineers, photographers, assistants, accountants, and so on. All these people need to get paid. When the music is pirated, there is no return on the investment it took for that album to be created. When money stops coming in to pay for it, the artist no longer sees that they can continue making music. Ultimately, the people who loved that artist and stole the artists music end up with no music at all. Everyone loses.

What is Dieselboy famous for in the music industry?

Dieselboy is famous for his musical productions in the music industry. He has released many music records and even co-founded a label company in 2010.

Challenges facing music industry?

There are so many challenges that are facing the music industry. The main challenge is piracy through the internet and other mediums,

How did the beatles influence artists?

they made great music. it influenced many musicians

What Jeydon Wale's favorite music?

He likes Eminem and many other artists.

Why did johnny cash get inducted?

Because he is a legend of the Music Industry. He is a pioneer of many things of music.

How many people are involved in the music industry in the UK?


How many years has Aaliyah been in the music industry?


What type of music is Justin Ryan known for singing?

Justin Ryan is a wonderful artists that has had many collaborations with other great artists over the years. He is mostly known for his country music and some contemporary.

What kind of music does Slowdive make?

Slowdive produced music in a variety of genres. Early on, they produced music in the shoegazing genre, a subgenre of Alternative Rock. They also produced music in the genre called "experimental rock". Ambient and ethereal wave are two other genres they produced music in, as well as dream pop. In total, the band Slowdive produced music in many different genres, with a variety of styles, as their band changed throughout the years.

How do you get inspiration to paint?

Inspiration for artists comes in many shapes and forms. Artists and be inspired by music, locations, muses, or even other works of art.

How much money do Christian music artists make?

Most Christian artists do not reveal how much money they make, as they believe that making music is not for the money. It is assumed by many that they make up to 20,000 dollars a year.

Why did the beatles change the world?

They evolved music by using different types of music and instruments in their songs which inspired many bands and artists after them.

Definition of industry exposure?

Industry Exposure is a team of entertainment industry professionals. The Industry Exposure Team consists of members from a wide range of music and modeling industry experience. Our staff consists of Music Artists, Studio Engineers, Modeling Recruiting Executives, Producers, and Photographers. All members of the Industry Exposure Team possess the one very distinct common trait and that is a true passion of helping individual such as models and music artists attain their goals of reaching stardom by receiving unlimited exposure. One of many projects that the Industry Exposure Team has presented is Industry is part of a growing portfolio of resources created to assist individuals realize the goal of obtaining extreme exposure. Industry is a live active web service that performs as a link between your talents and entertainment industry experts. The Industry Exposure Team and Industry database serves as a virtual agent - creating promotions and publicity on your behalf. Creating the ultimate online A&R database for Entertainment Industry Experts and other individuals with a strong interest in the music and modeling entertainment industry is a goal that the Industry Exposure Team is dedicated to. site:

Did Michael Jackson produce anything?

He produced or co-produced many of his music videos and some of his albums.

How many years has Alicia Keys in the music industry?

Since she was in her teens.

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