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Approx 75percent!

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Q: How many asylum seekers are rejected?
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How many asylum seekers are they in world?

there are 6.5 million asylum seekers in the world

What does Australia do with asylum seekers?

They take illegal asylum seekers to Christmas Island.

Where can you get info about asylum seekers?

Use the links below for information on asylum seekers.

How many asylum seekers are on Christmas Island?


When was Asylum Seekers - film - created?

Asylum Seekers - film - was created on 2009-02-05.

How many asylum seekers come to the UK in 2005?


Should asylum seekers be allowed to enter into Australia?

it depends on many things: how they arrived in Australia ( legal or illegal ) what they are fleeing from whether they have a criminal record bringing any illegal objects, products it doesn't matter were ever there coming from, if they are asylum seekers they are asylum seekers.

What do asylum seekers do?


What do people smugglers think of asylum seekers?

People Smugglers think of asylum seekers as items to smuggle into countries.

How much money is spent on the asylum seekers?

Australia spent $142 millions on detention centers and asylum seekers.

How many asylum seekers come to Europe each year?


What are asylum seekers also know as?

Well, for those whom this may concern, asylum seekers are also known as refugees.