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The chemical formula for potassium nitrate is KNO3, which means that one molecule contains five atoms. Therefore, four molecules of potassium nitrate would contain 20 atoms.

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What is the polyatomic ion in the compound KNO3?

The polyatomic ion in KNO3 (potassium nitrate) is NO3- , the nitrate ion. This ion is polyatomic because it contains four atoms bonded together. The nitrate ion is derived from nitric acid, HNO3.

What are four different compounds that contain potassium?

KCl = Potassium Chloride KOH = Potassium Hydroxide KNO3 = Potassium Nitrate KMnO4 = Potassium Permanganate

What is the correct number of atoms and elements in Potassium Sulphate?

In Potassium Sulphate there are two atoms of potassium, one atom of sulphur and four atoms of oxygen so there are 7 atoms and three elements.

How many atoms in HCLO2?

There are four atoms in one of these molecules.

How many atoms are present in ammonium nitrate?

The smallest unit of ammonium nitrate has the formula NH4NO3 and thus contains two nitrogen atoms, four hydrogen atoms, and three oxygen atoms for a total of nine.

How many molecules in NH3?

There are no molecules.There are four atoms.

In biology which term includes the other four atoms molecules electrons elements and protons?

Molecules Atoms which are elements make up molecules. Protons and electrons make up atoms.

What are the four main elements in black powder?

The four main elements in black gunpowder are: 1. sulfur (S) 2. charcoal (C) 3. potassium 4. nitrogen (potassium and nitrogen are combined as potassium nitrate [KNO3])

What is the number of atoms in calcium nitrate?

Calcium ions have a charge of +2 and nitrate ions (NO3) have a charge of -1. Because compounds are neutral, you need two nitrate ions to cancel out one calcium ion. Thus the formula for calcium nitrate is Ca(NO3)2. Nitrate has four atoms (one nitrogen and three oxygen). But there are two nitrate ions, so that makes eight atoms. Then you add on the one calcium atom for a total of nineatoms.

How many carbon atoms in two ethene molecules?

Four: 2x2 = 4 C atoms in 2C2H4 (= two molecules C2H4)

How many molecules are in NH3?

There is one molecule.There are four atoms

What is tetra atomic molecules?

These are ions consisting of four atoms.

What statement describes the atoms in the molecule with the chemical formula K2SO4?

Two atoms of potassium, one atom of sulfur, four atoms of oxygen

How many atoms are in KMnO4?

Six. One atom of Potassium, one atom of Manganese, and four atoms of Oxygen.

What is potassium permanganate made from?

potassium parmanganate is made up of KMnO4, where K stands for potassium, Mn stands for magnese and O4 stands for four molecules of oxygen.

How many molecules in 4 H2O2?

There are four molecules.There are sixteen atoms

Is methane made up of molecules or atoms?

Molecules. The molecules of methane are made up of atoms, one carbon and four hydrogens. Methane is a chemical compound. It has the chemical formula of CH4 and the molecules have tetrahedral geometry.

What is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in this sample of four water molecules?

2:1 ratio. There would be eight atoms of hydrogen and four atoms of oxygen.

How many hydrogen atoms are in 3 molecules CH4?

One molecule has four atoms.So three have 12 atoms

How many atoms or molecules are there in NH3 formula?

In one molecule of NH3 there are 4 atoms (3 hydrogen atoms and 1 nitrogen atom).

How many oxygen atoms are in 4 molecules of water?

One molecule of water is H20 which has only 1 Oxygen, Therefore 4 molecules of water have 4 atoms of oxygen in four molecules of water

What are identical molecules?

Molecules are put together from atoms. If you have the same atoms, such as, let us say, one carbon and four hydrogen, and you put them together in the same way - in this case, with the carbon in the center and the hydrogen atoms symmetrically distributed around it - then the molecules are identical.

How many atoms of hydrogen and chlorine are in the molecule 4HCl?

That's not a molecule. HCl is a molecule. 4HCl is just nonsense, unless you mean "four molecules of HCl", in which case there would be four atoms of hydrogen and four atoms of chlorine.

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