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Incalculable. Trillions upon trillions.

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Q: How many atoms are there in an average balloon?
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How many atoms are in a balloon?

well how big is the balloon?

How many ounces of air does an average balloon contain?

625,000,000 if it's a balloon the size of the moon.

How does the average kinetic energy of the helium atoms in a balloon change as the helium gas is heated?

The kinetic energy of the helium atoms will increase as the helium gas is heated. The higher the temperature is, the faster the particles will move.

When a balloon is rubbed with a wool cloth why does it become negatively charged?

When a balloon is rubbed with a wool cloth, the electrons from the atoms of the wool cloth enter the atoms of the balloon and thus, the number of electrons in the atoms of balloon becomes more than the number of protons. Hence, there is a net negative charge in the balloon, whereas in the wool cloth the number of electrons in its atoms become less than the number of protons, hence there is a net positive charge on the wool cloth.

Does a balloon have matter?

Anything that contains atoms has matter so, yes, a balloon does have matter.

How many miles can a hot air balloon travel on fuel?

An average hot air balloon can travel about 25 to 30 miles.

What is average PSI of a balloon before it bursts?

The average PSI (per square inch) of a balloon before it bursts depends on the composition of the balloon in question. If, however, the balloon in question is a common latex balloon bought at any party store, the average PSI is less than 1/4 pound.

How many atoms are in the average banana?


Do atoms move faster in hot water or cold water?

Yes. Atoms move faster in hot water because by increasing the heat, you are increasing the thermal energy. The higher the heat, the faster the atoms move. Blow up a balloon into the shape of an egg and attach it to a small weight so it sinks. Place the balloon in a glass with cold water and ice. See what happens to the balloon. Then, take the balloon and place it in a warm cup of water. The balloon will expand again, and that is because the atoms are going "nuts" and jumping around! That is kinetic energy!

Why does a balloon expand when air or helium is added to it?

Because pressure is created inside the balloon by atoms smashing into the sides of it. The size of a balloon will change dependent on temperature because the hotter the temperature the more the atoms move and collide with the sides and each other.

What is the average cost of a helium balloon?

Average cost of 1 regular size helium balloon: $1

How many atoms are in an average car?

it is almost uncountable

How many helium atoms does it take to fill a balloon?

Depends on the volume, pressure, and temperature, the balloon can occupy different volume of helium. You can calculate the number of helium atoms in the balloon using the ideal gas law :: PV=nRT (Pressure)(volume) = (# of moles)(constant)(temperature) Once you have Pressure, volume and temperature, you can solve for n, which is the number of moles. And then you can multiply the number of moles by the Avocadro's number and get the number of atoms.

How much water can the average water balloon hold?

Depends on the balloon.

What happens to a balloon after a cool change?

The drop in temperature will cause the atoms (or air) inside the balloon to fall in energy levels, this will result in the pressure inside the balloon dropping, and may cause the balloon to loose its shape.

How does a balloon stay on a wall?

Static electricity is a form of electricity that appears when electrical charge builds up in an object. Most objects we interact with are neutral in charge, but sometimes objects pick up static electricity and can cling together. When you rub a balloon on your hairy head or some other kind of animal fur, the friction puts the atoms of the balloon very close to the atoms of the hair. Due to their chemical makeup, the electrons in the hair atoms have an affinity to travel to the balloon atoms. Thus, the balloon becomes slightly negatively charged (more electrons than protons) and your hair becomes slightly positively charged. A wall is now more positively charged than the electron loving balloon. When you hold the balloon close to the wall, the opposite charges attract each other and the balloon clings to the wall and stays there.

Why hydrogen balloon rise in air?

Hydrogen atoms are less dense than the air, therefore hydrogen balloon rises in air.

How many pounds of Helium does it take to fill a 12 inch latex balloon?

About 0.48 lbs, on average.

What is the average speed of a hot air balloon?

The average speed of a hot air balloon depends a lot on the environment. The Pacific Flyer actually recorded the fastest ground speed for a manned balloon at 245 mph.

Does warm weather affect maximum balloon inflation size?

as temperature increases, the atoms and particles in the balloon begin to move faster and bounce off the walls, making the balloon expand in all directions.

Why does a balloon with static pick up paper?

because of negative and positive atoms

Average speed of a hot air balloon?

It is the average speed of the wind.

How many hydrogen and carbon atoms in a diesel fuel molecule?

The average chemical formula for diesel fuel is C12H23, so it has 12 carbon atoms and 23 hydrogen atoms.

Why do helium balloons deflate after a week?

The helium diffuses through the balloon skin. The helium atoms are very small and fingd their way through the balloon material.

How does the mass of a water molecule compare with the mass of helium atom?

by assume that a water balloon has the same number of water molecules a helium balloon has helium atoms.