How many atoms are there on earth?

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The chemical composition of the Earth (by mass) is:

34.6% Iron
29.5% Oxygen
15.2% Silicon
12.7% Magnesium
2.4% Nickel
1.9% Sulfur

The mass of the Earth is 5.97e24 kg = 5.97e27 g

Therefore the earth contains

2.07e27g Iron
1.76e27g Oxygen
9.1e26g Silicon
7.6e26g Magnesium
1.4e26g Nickel
1.1e26g Sulfur

The molar masses of these elements are:

55.9g Iron
16.0g Oxygen
28.1g Silicon
24.3g Magnesium
58.7g Nickel
32.1g Sulfur

Therefore the number of moles of each of these elements is:

3.7e25 Iron
1.10e26 Oxygen
3.2e25 Silicon
3.1e25 Magnesium
2e24 Nickel
3e24 Sulfur

for a total of 2.15e26 moles. Multiply by Avogadro's number to get number of atoms = 1.3e50 or so.
(what about the earth's atmoshere?)
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Does a penny have more atoms than earth does people?

Yes, most definitely, a penny has many more atoms than the Earth does people. A pre-1982 penny contains about 28,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 copper atoms. Or, 2.8 x 10 22 atoms. There are about 6 billion people on the planet.

Do atoms exist only on earth?

Atoms exist throughout the universe. the most common atom in theuniverse is hydrogen. Helium is the second most common found in theuniverse, and oxygen is the third.

How many earths away is the earth to the sun?

Using an average distance of 93,000,000 miles between the Earth and the Sun, and a diameter of 8,000 miles for the Earth, this would mean the Sun is 11,625 Earth-Diameters away!. To put it another way: If the Sun were the size of a regulation 9-inch basketball, then the Earth would be just a bit bi ( Full Answer )

Can an atom bomb blow up the earth?

We don't know about that but a asteroid is supposed to hit the earth and blow it up in 2880 if it doesn't then a comet will blow it up.. Sure Lots of atom bombs blow up the earth they do it all the time well i am so bored about this subject someone should never blow up the earth though

How many atoms are there?

This has not been determined by science or scientists. An infinite amount is the best answer, thus far. Currently, around 118 elements are known to man.

How many atomic particles are in an atom?

It depends upon which chemical element the atom is a part of . Most have electrons and protons with Hydrogen the most basic with one each and Lawrencium with 103 elactrons and 159 protons.

What is the earths atomic mass?

Since the Earth is not a single atom, nor a collection of similar atoms, it does not have an atomic mass. Atomic mass is a measure of how much matter is contained by a specific atom.

Did atoms created earth?

No atoms did not create earth. Everything is made of atoms and the big bang create the universe which made a nebula and created the sun and the asteroids built up to form a large asteroid and made its own gravity which made the earth circular. That created earth.

How many core atoms are in as atom?

An atom is made up of protons neutrons and electrons. Hydrogen has 1 proton and 1 electron. The numbers will vary from element to element.

How many atoms are in a carbon atom?

I think you need to rephrase your question. The correct (if unhepful) answer is that one carbon atom comprises one atom. Did you mean to ask about protons, neutrons or electrons?

If the atom number of an atom is 11 how many electrons does the atom have?

You cannot know for sure withoutmore information. An electrically neutral sodium atom (sodium has at. no. 11) will have the same number of electrons as protons; atomic number tells you the number of protons, so this atom has 11 protons and would have 11 electrons if electrically neutral, however, if ( Full Answer )

How many atoms are there in one mole of atoms?

The number of atoms in one mole of atoms is known as Avogadro's Number (in honor of the scientist who first did this calculation) and it is approximately 6.02 x 10^23. Answer: Avogadro's number may be applied to both atoms and molecules. Mon-atomic elements (iron, sulfur, etc.) contain one Avog ( Full Answer )

Could an atomic bomb destroy the earth?

A single bomb could not really destroy the planet, unless it was imedded deep within the core of the earth but it would have to be so much more massive than anything we've ever come close to creating. A bomb (much smaller then the earth destroying one, but still on the magniture of millions of time ( Full Answer )

How many atoms does the phosphorus atom connect to?

Phosphorus has two valencies 3 and 5. 3 - in compounds such as PH 3 , PCl 3 , P 4 O 6 5 - PCl 5 , P 4 O 10 In terms of cordination, the "count" of all the atoms around a P atom it can have 2- 9 atoms around it. Examples are below:- 2 - in OPCH 2 3 - in PH 3 4 - in PO 4 3- 5 - in PF ( Full Answer )

How many sub-atomic particles are there in atom?

That varies. Larger atoms have more protons, neutrons, and electrons than smaller atoms. It also depends on whether you choose to count a proton or a neutron as one particle, or the three quarks that make it up.

How many atom in earth if the earth has a mass of 5.981024 kilogram the average of mass of the atoms that make up earth is 40 atomic units 1 atomic unit equals 1.660540210-27kilogram?

If the Earth has a mass of 5.98 X 10 24 (which seems likely to be what the questioner meant, since the Earth clearly has a mass of much more than 6 kilograms), the average mass of the atomic units that make up the Earth is 40 amu, and 1 amu = 1.6605402 X 10 -27 kg (which seems likely to be what th ( Full Answer )

Is the earth the nucleus of an atom?

No. There have been 'science' fiction stories using this premise (usually with suns as nuclei), but not by anyone who actually knew beans about atoms. (To be fair, some of them were written when even physicists were a bit fuzzy on the concepts.) One of the best known is "He Who Shrank" by Henry Hass ( Full Answer )

How many atoms are in a sodium atom?

One. The sodium atom is an atom. Atoms are not composed of other atoms, but rather smaller parts known as protons, neutrons and electrons; all of which except the electrons may be broken down in to smaller parts known as quarks.

What atom is found naturally on earth?

Almost every element from hydrogen to uranium (going from smallest to biggest) is found naturally on Earth. Technitium is not found naturally on Earth, it is the exception. The trans-uranic elements are also not found naturally on Earth.

How many atoms are in a copper atom?

One atom. It contains 29 protons in its nucleus with 29 electrons orbitting. Hence copper (Cu) having the atomic number 29.

How is an atom like the earth and the moon?

There is surprisingly little in common between the orbit of an electron and the orbit of a planet. It is magnetism that holds an electron in position and gravity that holds a planet in its orbit. If the electrons orbit was similar to the earths it would be able to loose energy at a constant rate an ( Full Answer )

Can there be an atomic bomb on earth?

Although your question is vague, atomic bombs have come and gone in terms of technology. We now have conventional weapons that are more powerful than the atomic bomb.

Is an atom the smallest thing on earth?

no not at all. atoms are made up of subatomic particles like electrons and protons and neutrons. and then sub atomic are made from things called quarks

How many atoms are split in an atom bomb?

Several moles , the exact number is directly proportional to the yield of the bomb. For example Fatman contained 6.2Kg of Plutonium and fissioned roughly 620g of this. One mole of Plutonium weighs about 239g. Dividing 620g by 239g, we find Fatman fissioned roughly 2.59 moles of Plutonium. Using ( Full Answer )

What is the most versatile atom on earth?

The most versatile atom is carbon. Because it forms four chemical bonds, the greatest number that any element can form, and because it does so with a lower bond strength than silicon, carbon forms the greatest variety of chemical compounds and does the greatest variety of things. It is generally bel ( Full Answer )

Is the atomic number how many atoms are in the element?

Not necessarily. The atomic number is the same amount as the protons found in a certain element. remember that the number of protons are equal to the number of electrons as well. EX - Calcium's atomic number is 20 so therefore there are 20 protons and 20 electrons in the element. The atomic number a ( Full Answer )

Do Atoms affect Earth?

You might say that, considering that the Earth and everything on it are composed of atoms.

How many atoms in 1 oxygen atoms?

One! You may mean to ask how many atoms there are in one molecule of oxygen, in which case the answer is two.

How many atoms does a hydrogen atom have?

3 i think no one, hydrogen is the lightest element on the periodic table it is also very flamable ever heard of the dirigible that contained hydrogen and blew up? killed many people so now everyone uses helium...

How many atoms are in atoms?

One! An atom is not made up of other atoms, but has a nucleus of a positively-charged proton and a neutrally-charged neutron. It is surrounded by a network of positively-charged particles called electrons. (sorry, NEGATIVELY charged particles called electrons!)

How many earth is there?

The total area of the earth is 197,000,000 square miles. And there is only one earth.

How many atoms atoms in FeO2?

Three. 1 Fe, 2 O. FeO 2 does not exist, the known oxides of iron are:- FeO, iron(II) oxide, ferrous oxide, 2 atoms Fe 2 O 3 , iron(III) oxide, ferric oxide, 5 atoms Fe 3 O 4 , iron(II,III) oxide, 7 atoms

How many atoms is in a molecule of an atom?

Gases such as helium, neon have one atom in their stable molecules, compounds such as oxygen, nitrogen, bromine have two, ozone has three, phosphorus has four and sulfur has basically eight (and it forms various crown like structures with differed numbers of atoms).

How did the hydrogen atom formed on earth?

The hydrogen atoms on earth did not form there. It formed in spacenot long after the Big Bang and so is almost as old as the universeitself.

How do carbon atoms get to Earth?

The carbon atoms that are already here are recycled. When plantsand animals die, all the elements they have are recycled andreused.

What atom is life on earth based on?

You're probably thinking of carbon. There are very goodthermodynamic reasons to think that any life anywhere in thisuniverse is going to be based on carbon compounds. I recommendreading Isaac Asimov's essay "The One and Only"; I believe it's inhis collection called "The Tragedy of the Moon", and any ( Full Answer )