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3 attemps in most conditions of super nitrious reasons

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Q: How many attempts does it take someone to quit smoking?
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Where to find tips to quit smoking?

There are many medications that can be prescribed to aid someone in their quest to quit smoking. Another option is the electronic cigarette, which still gives one the illusion of smoking.

Where can I find info on how to quit smoking?

Someone that is looking for information on how to quit smoking can use the website Canadian Lung Association. On this site one can find information on what smoking does to their lungs, different ways to quit smoking, and support for anyone that is looking to quit smoking.

Where can I find smoking facts to help my brother quit smoking?

One can find smoking facts from the following sites to help someone to quit smoking; Smoking-Facts, American Lung Association, Listverse, and Getselfhelp.

How much does the president smoke?

After a long struggle and many failed attempts, he seems to have finally quit smoking in 2011. He has said there are times when he misses it, but he promised his wife and daughters he would quit, and he seems to have kept his promise.

where can i get help to quit smoking?

You can get in touch with someone to help you quit smoking in a variety of ways. You can talk to your doctor, and he or she can help you get on a quit smoking plan and help you locate local groups to help you. You can also contact the heart and stroke foundation. You can also go to and find information on how to quit smoking.

How do you help or encourage a person to quit smoking that has been smoking since the age of 16?

You can't make someone quit it it's completely up to them. It's VERY hard to quit.

Someone who suddenly stops smoking is said to quit how?

cold turkey

How many ways are there to quit smoking?


When did david bowie quit smoking?

He quit smoking in 2002

How many times does it take for the average person to quit smoking?

The average success rate is that about 10-20% (Roughly) of those why try and quit succeed on any given attempt. Those who actually quit make roughly 6-8 attempts before they succeed. As a smoker trying to quit, I find the figures daunting!

How can you convince your dad that he should quit smoking because it is harmful to his health?

Try to get him to quit smoking. Good luck and God Bless:) * Educating a person about the facts is usually the most productive way of helping to change someone's mind about any issue. Quit Smoking Com,

When was How I Quit Smoking created?

How I Quit Smoking was created on 1996-01-30.