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Thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands maybe.

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Q: How many attorneys are criminal attorneys?
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How do criminal attorneys differ from other attorneys?

Criminal attorneys specialize in criminal based law work whereas other attorneys focus on whatever issues they specialize in, for example divorce attorneys focus on divorce.

How many attorneys are there in Charlotte NC?

There is a lot of attorneys in Charlotte, NC. There is one district Attorney. There is over 175 criminal law attorneys in Charlotte, NC. There is thousands of listings for attorneys.

Are there criminal attorneys who specialise in extortion cases?

Yes. There are criminal attorneys that specialise in extortion cases. Stephen Rodriguez, is just one of the many. He works out of Los Angeles, California.

What are some California criminal attorneys?

If you are looking for good California criminal attorneys, then you should go online to the Shouse Law Group website. They give you information of their attorneys and their group.

What do criminal attorneys do for clients?

Criminal attorneys do many things for there clients. They counsel, strategize, problem-solve, write, advocate and negotiate. They will try to find a way to keep you from going to jail and let the truth be heard.

What is the name of lawyers who deal with murderers?

criminal defense attorneysCriminal lawyers or attorneys

Criminal Law Attorneys should not represent people involved with hate crimes.?

Criminal Law Attorneys should not represent people involved with hate crimes.

Where can I find information regarding crimnal attorneys in Dallas?

It is always best to check Google as the search engine will give you a list of Criminal Attorneys. In addition I would also check as it also can assist you in obtaining information on criminal attorneys for the Dallas area.

Where can one find California Criminal Defense Attorneys online?

One can find California criminal defense attorneys online by checking out the website California Attorney Referral. Other options are to look at Legal Match, Legal Help Lawyers and California Criminal Defender.

Are there attorneys who specialize in arson cases?

As with all types of criminal cases, there are indeed attorneys that specialize in arson cases. Of course, these are defense attorneys as prosecutors are employed by the government to handle these cases.

What is the best way to locate reputable Dallas criminal attorneys?

The best way to locate reputable Dallas criminal attorneys is to go to Another good site is

What are the basic types of defense attorneys?

Criminal defense and insurance defense.

What's a good site to compare criminal attorneys in Dallas,Tx?

A good site to compare criminal attorneys in Dallas,Tx is Another good site is

What is the Profession of a criminal justice lawyer?

The "profession" of any Lawyer is exactly that: lawyer/attorney (same thing). Lawyers in the field of criminal justice can specifically work as defense lawyers (either privately, as part of a contract, or for a Public Defender's office or association), or prosecution lawyers (district attorneys, attorneys general, department of justice attorneys/federal prosecutors, or "special prosecutors" appointed by Congress). Lawyers can also be judges, magistrates, or clerks. In the United Kingdom, criminal attorneys are called "barristers."

What type of attorney is needed for a criminal investigation?

The title given to attorneys that are involved in criminal investigations is a criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer. The criminal cases themselves are typically handled by the department of the attorney general.

Are criminal laws state or federal?

Both the State and Federal governments have criminal laws. State crimes are usually prosecuted by county District Attorneys Offices or State Attorneys Offices. Federal crimes are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Where can I hire a criminal attorney in Chicago?

Criminal Attorneys advertise in the telephone book. You have to find one which specializes in your type of offense usually.

Where can one find information about Baltimore criminal lawyer?

There are a number of websites that provide information about Baltimore area criminal defense attorneys. One can check websites like YellowPages, FindLaw, and Avvo. Additionally, one can check with the Maryland State Bar Association for information about Baltimore area criminal attorneys.

What is a criminal immigration lawyer?

All attorneys are lawyers - some attorneys choose to specialize in various asepcts of the law. Thus, there are lawyers that specialize in the area of immigration law, and there are lawyers who specialize in the area of criminal law. The other possibility is - that this immigration lawyer committed a crime and now a criminal.

What is the role of United States Attorneys?

The United States Attorneys enforce the laws in their districts. They also prosecute in federal criminal cases and cases that involve the government.

What is Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice?

The U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Divisiondevelops, enforces, and supervises the application of all federal criminal laws in the United States, except those specifically assigned to other divisions. Criminal Division attorneys prosecute many nationally significant cases and formulate and implement criminal enforcement policy. Division attorneys also provide advice and guidance to the Attorney General of the United States, the United States Congress, and the White House on matters of criminal law. As of April 20, 2009, Lanny A. Breuer is the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division.

Where can one find a criminal defense attorney in LA?

Check Yelp's website for attorneys in the Los Angeles area. Not only will you find a lot of criminal defense attorneys, but you will find reviews. Remember, you will also be provided with an attorney if you cannot afford one.

Where can one find the best criminal defense attorneys in the USA?

Unless someone can recommend the best criminal defence attorneys, it will be a case of doing some research. There is an onlite site called The Best Law firm, which does offer advice along with featured firms.

What are the different types of attorneys?

There are many different attorneys such as: International Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, Employment Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, and Social Security Attorneys. For a complete list check the government website.

Pro bono criminal attorneys in Kentucky?

You don't 'find' "Pro Bono" attorneys. They are appointed from a list by the court to either supplement or take the place of Public Defenders.