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1.) Yvonne Kennedy

2.) Andrew Knox

3.) Leanne Whiteside

4.) Alberto Dominguez

5.) Leslie Thomas

6.) Kevin Dennis

7.) Elisa Ferraina

8.) Craig Gibson

9.) Peter Gyulavary

10.) Steve Tompsett

Ten Australians are known to have died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US. They are:


- Alberto Dominguez, 66, from Lidcombe. A Qantas baggage handler on holidays who was on board American Airlines Flight 11 which crashed into the World Trade Centre (WTC) in New York.

- Yvonne Kennedy, 62, from Sydney, who was on American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon in Washington.

- Craig Neil Gibson, 37, from Randwick in Sydney, who was working on 94th floor of the WTC north tower in the offices of insurers Marsh and McLennan.

- Steve Tompsett, 39, from Merrylands, NSW, who was in the WTC north tower.

- Elisa Ferraina, 27, from Sydney. She was born in Australia, but had just taken out UK citizenship. She was on the 106th floor of the WTC north tower.

- Lesley Anne Thomas, 41, from NSW, was in the WTC north tower.


- Leanne Whiteside, 31, a lawyer from Melbourne who was in the WTC south tower.

- Peter Gyulavary, 44, was born in Geelong, Victoria but had moved to the US 20 years ago. He was working on the 91st floor of the WTC south tower.

South Australia:

- Andrew Knox, 29, from Adelaide was working with a building construction company on the 103rd floor of the WTC north tower.


- Kevin Dennis, 43, was originally from the Gold Coast, but had become a US-based stock broker with Cantor Fitzgerald and was working on the 101st floor of WTC north tower.

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Q: How many australians died in September 11 attack?
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