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there are 8 pieces on big nate poptropica this is wrote by milly aganar ;)'-' :-) ;/ ;D ;l ;-> :] ;0 peace
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Can you get Big Nate comics in NZ?

no all of the comics are at big nate.

What are all the big nate books?

Big Nate books are:Big Nate in a Class by Himself,Big Nate Strikes Again, Big Nate On a Roll,Big Nate Goes for Broke, Big Nate Flips Out,Big Nate Out Loud, Big Nate From the Top, Big Nate and Friends, Big Nate Makes the Grade,and Big Nate What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Some of these books have only comics, and some are books without them.

Is big nate from the top the same as big nate out loud?

They are comic books but the comics are NOT the same.

How many lines of comics on big Nate?

Go on poptropica and figure out yourself!!

How many big nate books will there be?

at the moment there are four big nate books big nate the boy with the biggest head, big nate in a class by himself, big nate strikes again, and big nate fron the top

How do you asemble the comics on big nate?

you look around and find them

What do you get when you play table football with Nate on Big Nate Island Poptropica?

A collection of his mini-comics (not valuable except as inspiration). you do not actually need the mini comics

Where are the pieces of the big nate comic in poptropica?

there are all over big nate and if you go up the wire pole you can find five of the comics' pitcure

Where can you read the real Big Nate comics?

"Big Nate" is a regular strip by Lincoln Peirce. You can read some in the Big Nate Archives in the basement of the Klassic Komix shop. Also see the related link below.

Where can you read the Big Nate comics?

Find all the peaces to the comic

How many pages are in big nate from the top?

there are 224 pages in big nate from the top.

Where is the comics on big nate island poptropica?

they're in random places on the island

How many pages are in Big Nate?

There are several books in the Big Nate series by Lincoln Pierce.Big Nate: In A Class By Himself has 224 pages.Big Nate: Welcome To My World has 176 pages.Big Nate On A Roll has 224 pages.Big Nate Goes For Broke has 224 pages.Big Nate: Say Goodbye to Dork City has 224 pages.Big Nate: From the Top has 224 pages.Big Nate and Friends has 224 pages.Big Nate: Great Minds Think Alike has 224 pages.Big Nate: Thunka Thunka Thunka has 224 pages.Big Nates' Greatest Hits has 376 pages.

What are all the big Nate books called?

.big nate strikes again .big nate out lould

Where can you get big nate 2?

there is no big nate 2

How to fly in big nate?

You cannot fly in Big Nate

What is the first big nate called?

Big nate and the toilettweezer

How likes big nate?

how dose big nate like

How do you get the locker open on big nate island on poptropica?

You will get the code from the comics. When you find the comics you will have the code. Use it to open the locker.

How can you be big nate on big nate island?

You do not play as Big Nate. He accompanies you around most of the island, and races you on the jet skis.

How do you get to be big Nate on big Nate island?

You can't play "as" Nate, but everywhere you go on the island, he tags along.

What is the first big nate book?

Big Nate: In a Classroom By Himself.

What is the first book for Big Nate?

Big Nate: In a Class by Himself.

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